I am the Lumberjack, strong and sway,
Oct 31, 2014

I am the Lumberjack, strong and sway,
Out and about to work a manly day.

"Will you swing your mighty ax?" less asked, more sung,
And I said "Boy, my axe already been swung".

"Oh sweet Jesus, where are we hiding the body?!"
"I'll make it into a cabin, that's a Lumberjack's hobby"

It takes skill and ingenuity to rank with Lumberjacks,
"Well good for you, that's thinking with your ax."

Apr 15, 2015

Oh how we pine and pine and pine over people who act as lumberjacks towards us.

Make someone look like a lumberjack
Water In My Veins
Water In My Veins
Oct 23, 2014

What is this?
A jacket
But something so simple can mean so much
It can hold me together when i get mad
Make someone look like a lumberjack
Though how could I rely on a lumberjack?
A jacket?
I can’t
I know this
None the less
They mean so much to me
The tough exteriors
Soft insides
All in all
I believe a lumberjack saved me today

I call the local lumberjack and ask him,
Emily Townsend
Emily Townsend
Nov 20, 2015

How do I get a carving out of a tree?
The smug shape of your G+E
outlines with a stupid, misshaped heart
etched into the evergreen.
You ruined my favorite tree
with five words.
A sentence I knew you would inevitably say
at some point of our lives together.
I really wanted to doubt myself for once,
and be proved wrong in the right way.
But you just had to keep me incorrect.

I call the local lumberjack and ask him,
"Cut down the tree as soon as possible."
I think that's how you get a carving out of a tree.

"I don't love you anymore."

Home again.

I hold the door, and sigh. Holding my axe in one hand,
Orange, white, and red plaid shirt. Chin covered in stubble.
A warm fire inside. My sweetheart reading by the hearth.
A glance up. Her light blue eyes, so inviting.
Her smile.

I enter.
And rest.

I am home again.
let the lumberjack watch me fall
Gina Ann
Gina Ann
Feb 18, 2012

I wish I were alone
I wish the earth would grow roots in my legs
and the trees would hug me
and let their vines swing around me
I wish the monkeys would swing off me
the butterflies would rest on me
the caterpillars would morph with me
I wish I weren't human
I wish the moss would take refuge
under my branches
And the leaves would grow from me
and change in the fall
and then fall down,
I wish I smelt moist
I wish I smelt of dirt,
of the soft breeze
of the sea
I wish I were alone
I wish you would forget about me
I wish I could forget about you
I'm sorry
I hate it here,
let the earth suck me in
let the leaves weigh me down
let the lumberjack watch me fall
like when you stripped me of my skin
carve me, carve me
let me go.

The one of old Lumberjack Dale*
db cooper
db cooper
Jan 5, 2015

I stopped by for a cigarette and to hear a story
He always told the tale of one eyed molly
She lost her eye
In a fight with a dog
The moral of the story was
Never trust something
Just because it may look harmless,
Even act harmless
But this day he told me another tale
The one of old Lumberjack Dale

He was large like an ogre
Chopped too many trees to know of

Was stupid according to my uncle
This gave me quite a chuckle

He left off, on a normal morning
Hiked up the mountain
To where the clear dirt’s mourning

Held his axe and began to swing
The trees didn't have a prayer
He thought he was king

One fell down
He yelled "TIMBER"
Another smacked the ground
He Yelled "TIMBER"
Then another

Birds were scattering
Squirrels were flying
The sounds were of a madman grunting through fire

The fifth hit the ground
The lumberjack ogre
Had to sit down

He swung one too many times, on this here day
The mountain swung back with a black bear, ok?

Protecting her cubs she wrestled the big man
Teeth in his arm and his axe in his hand

He squinted his eyes and flung the weapon
Missing the giant bear standing about 6' 11"

The mountain whispered to the lumberjack
"Leave and never come back"
He had pissed his pants and ran for the shack


The old black bear followed
Protecting her land
And the ones she adored

#love   #peace   #nature   #folktale  

(20 minute poetry)

Hunched up and hemmed in
hacked off,
on the flamin' tube and
ageing rapidly.

This is not for me
I need open space and
a place to spread my wings.

Feeling faint
this ain't no picnic
It's one that makes you

smelling dirty clothes
wet stinking hair
I want to be anywhere
other than here

when a twenty minute trip
gives me the pip

I need to slip away.

Today is not good,
thinking the tube would be empty at nine as it should
fooled me.

looking to find escape velocity
I can't even find a seat.

anches making forests in my arms like a lumberjack in a bathtub
Kennedy Reyanne
Kennedy Reyanne
Jan 11, 2015

I fell asleep to procrastinate a panic attack and woke up dripping tears like motor oil slick and grimy black

it wasn’t a dream
it was a thought
I watched myself from above like a helpless god with a serrated knife in the grip of my wet shaking knuckles
I’m in a bathtub and I’m not trying to get clean I’m just trying to find a hiding place
the door is locked
my family is out
ain’t no on going to walk in
and I take my shaking wrist out of the water and get angry at the blueness of it
the spiderwebbing green that feeds my skin and bones
and I came down on tree branches making forests in my arms like a lumberjack in a bathtub
everything around me turned red
like the walls of my mothers womb were warm and black
so was my head in the murky blood-water
where I leaked sap from those blue branches so sticky and smooth
shimmering in the light
i brought my god body down and the blood to my lips
and tasted the sweetness of rust and wine and the reason I was thinking about any of this at all

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