Life is just something temporary,
it doesn't last forever,
sometimes you might want it to be,
but other times that's the last thing you want.

Life is a strange thing,
and everyone that participates,
are in the same game as you,
some win, some lose and some never get to play.

Life can be unbearable,
other times extremely bearable,
filled with joy, happiness and laughter,
but it can fast change to anger, sadness and tears.

Life is uncontrollable,
when it comes to when it starts,
and when it ends.
Other than that,
you can control more than you think...

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I love you, I swear it.
I'm not upset, I swear it.
I'm safe, I swear it.

I'm better- can you believe that?

We say I love you over the phone in an echoing tone
Over and over and over again.

It is only now that I realize it's for each and every day we cannot talk, so that not a day goes by without being filled with one. And I smile at this realization.

And I hope you do too. You're beautiful with a smile and without.

But seeing that smile gives me so much hope, angel.

And I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Note to my dearest wife..........don't worry about your spouse:) she's doing alright, promise promise.
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Jan 14

The grinning man, informing me that I taste like candy,
The ripped bag of candy, purchased yesterday from store number four of our search,
The ancient truck, packed already with what remains of ten weeks,
The bruises, displayed proudly for fifteen more hours,
The eight o’clock train, rattling my kitchen window,
The last pink sunset, the ending of our life, the resumption of his and of mine.

My friends have heard enough about you.
T      A
Jan 5

i am not afraid of heights, fights or small spaces.
i am not afraid of snakes, spiders or crocodiles.
what frightens me.
Is Everyone's Intangibility.
Doubtful, willingness to stay.
The fear that no matter what, they'll
All Leave Anyway.
I am afraid of my own and everyone else's

Or maybe that's just abandonment issues
Tony Luna
Tony Luna
Dec 1, 2016

This loneliness I feel, I know is only temporary.
Just as I know my right hand won't always be empty.

Nov 11, 2016

I still remember when we locked eyes then
let the earthquake from our hearts
create tsunamis to wiped the world temporarily
and me not hesitating to trade my soul with the devil just to have you permanently in my life.

Erin Marie
Erin Marie
Dec 7, 2016

What odd creatures we are.
We fill our heads with
empty promises of forever,
when even the most precious things,
like time and life itself,
are temporary.

We hope to have forever,
But nothing is ever permanent.
The only thing we can keep
are the blissful memories.

This, my dear,
is all that's left for us.

Lunar Love
Lunar Love
Dec 5, 2016

Isn't it scary yet beautiful to know
How something temporary
Can make you feel so eternal?

Like the day before it turns to night
Or just before the moon leaves
And makes way for the sunlight,

When the sea kisses your skin
To only recede but you will
Open your arms again to let it in,

People, not just leaves, fall
And drop on their knees
To yearn for spring's returning call,

And to the time I loved you,
Up till now I love you,
And for who knows how long, I will love you.

"Make it the longest temporary you can." One of the most powerful and best lines I have ever read, as said by my friend Zainab, 2016.

Such an intriguing oxymoron that got me thinking about everything and everyone, especially you, wjh.
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Nov 23, 2016

Trace the lines of weary pain, carbon date of when it rained, when it poured, and those sunshine feelings that evaded by day, nightly comforts to disillusion the heart, the soul knew every troubled watered part,  sending tremors through synapses of insanity, love not lining up with minds mentality.

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Oct 24, 2016

At least for once
I felt your warmth
At least for once
We became one
At least...
At least...
For once,
I passed across through this
Pseudo bliss
Called temporary happiness.


We all have our own shares of failed expectations. Here's a brighter view above all flaws.
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