Planted by the river of Living Waters,
I remain rooted and grounded in Christ;
He provides for my thirst, my hunger,
my Salvation and my everlasting Life.

With the foundation of Biblical Truth,
I’m rooted and grounded in the Holy Word;
the application of its principles gives
my heart hope with peace that’s assured.

When walking in holiness and rectitude,
I stay rooted and grounded in God’s love;
His Essence softly embraces me with grace,
as new mercies stream… from Heaven above.
Author notes

Inspired by:
Prov 12:3; 2 Sam 22:2-3, 47; Psa 1:3;
Rom 3:22; Lam 3:22-23

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.

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Liam C Calhoun
Liam C Calhoun
May 24, 2016

I could still smell lavender, hinted
winds from the east I’d once caressed.
And I could still smell that Lavender
When I look down to watch the ants
scurry. Once more, I could still smell
Lavender come empty and my life In
a bubble atop the world. And at last,
the Lavender’s gone, when trees root


Rooted, uprooted, rooted.
#love   #leave   #gone   #bubbles   #lavender   #rooted   #uprooted  
Just Caleigh
Just Caleigh
Apr 4, 2015

I felt the knife drag across my heart
Years after we carved one in this tree
I only felt the repercussions after it killed me
Now I'm drowning in the blood of the tree
Mingled with tears from the sky

I feel at one with nature.

Self-Assurance. Freedom. They may come at a price.
#heartbreak   #rain   #nature   #knife   #sap   #rooted   #carvedheart  
Cassandra J Oster
Cassandra J Oster
Dec 18, 2014

The skies cloud over,
the smell of thunder taints the air,
and the rain begins to fall
from my eyes.

There's a book of poetry
in the lines of my hands,
that no one wants to read.

I've lived my life,
rooted in her darkness,
arms catatonic as a tree.

Unable to run or cry,
when her other prunes my flowers.

#life   #eyes   #tears   #fall   #rain   #darkness   #thunder   #skies   #noone   #rooted  
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