The Warning had finally gone out!
There was gonna' be a Nuclear Apocalypse at any moment!
The Sandbergs were a Christian Family
So, they felt that it would be appropriate to say a Prayer together
Before God took them all to Heaven.
No one knew where Ralph was?
Martha Sandburg asked her daughter, Sandra
To go find her brother, Ralph for the Apocalyptic Prayer
Before  their Ascent to Heaven.
She didn't think of knocking on Ralph's door,
But just opened it in the urgency of the moment.
Her first utterance was,
"Ew! Gross!"
Ralph was jacking off as if their was no tomorrow,
Which there probably wouldn't be,
And there were white cum stains all over the brand new, red carpet!
"How could you be jacking off at a time like This"
"When we're about to meet Jesus in Heaven?!"
Sandra asked her brother.
"I just wanted to experience It one last time!"
Ralph expressed in a manly husky voice even though he was only 15.
"Jesus ain't even gonna' LET you into Heaven after doin' that Ralph,"
Sandra told him.
"Now put on your pants"
"And come to the Apocalyptic Prayer Service we're having"
Ralph put on his pants,
But he ran out the door.
He didn't know where he was going,
But he just knew that there was no point
In praying before the Apocalypse
If he was already
On his way to Hell.

Mar 20

He likes the bare necessities and the feel of nude skin rubbing
against fabric on a quiet night.
He sees the beauty in raw flesh fitted on armored bones;
he likes the way his veins cross paths and the way his tongue moves.
He closes his eyes and extends his fingers to touch himself,
fresh out the shower,
as he fantasizes of other disrobed bodies.
He sees her in his dream of ecstasy,
the colors of the rainbow filter their tangled bodies,
dim lighting and the smell of lilacs and the feel of warmth.
In this vision, her hands skim over his elongated neck
and his sallow fingers paw at her umber belly
under the shadows of his silhouette
and under a canopy of steam and the moon.

She's seen it once in a dream;
a castle of euphoria and bliss.
In a dream where they're nude,
making her privates speak and her feet yell;
making them glorious and making her feel him inside of her.
Bringing her to a place that smells like her favorite flowers,
to a place that has his favorite color painted onto walls;
loving her while he makes her body holy in his name.
The heavens are in tune with her and him,
and each new day brings their bodies to a praise.
The majestic magic that his hands and tongue work
feels so amazing.
And he will color her in and his word so sure,
tasting sweet upon the tongue,
glossed and glazed.

I knew it was him all along,
lying there in his nude glory:
washed-out skin, rosy under eyes, swirls, solid eyes, and pink lips.
An almost perfect man, lying there with blissful thoughts
of ebony collarbones and soft black spirals stuck to an enchanting face.
Blissful thoughts of two conflicting bodies -- one ivory and one ebony --
that complement like yin and yang.

He likes to touch himself.

There once was a he-man named Donna
Louisa DisTampon Melāna.
   He spanked it and dirked it
   And yanked it and jerked it
While reading The Gods of Pegāna.


Contains Adult Themes

'i took viagra for mainting the erection of my penis
after masturbating its in my nature i have tried
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for an hour it was erect i loss my stamina wore up my pants
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it got erect and remained erect after ejaculating as well
i got worried about it being priapism I went on to sleep
without any sexual thoughts i woke up and tried jerking
it remained erect after ejaculating i was worried
it was 18 hours of consumption i went on to do
my daily work and tried twice at night
and experianced same condition next day
i visited a urologist and showed him my dick
while standing he pressed it and it got erect he tried
scaring me by telling you need a surgery in which i will insert
a needle and pull off the unrequired blood i got scared
he told me to visit another doctor he gave me
his address i went to visit him and he checked my dick
after laying down'

Mar 6

Fingers sinking deep
               below your surface;
               seeping into your loins,
               caressing your crevices.
               leaving their mark; baring pleasure.
               coursing ecstasy through your veins.
           searching for the highest of peeks beyond measure
               scorching heat, blood boiling, the pleasure pains
               soothing your aching flesh
               in relentless pursuit; of higher depths
               guilty yearnings, urges run rampant
               as your ecstasy starts to progress
               heavy breathing your hands held abreast
               pungent liquids; drenched with desire
               a seeping puddle stains the mattress
               gingerly leaking, outlining your canvas
                a mist in the air, cooling your skin;

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Dec 28, 2016

After sundown,
fresh out the shower,
I am a mess and
I can't control the urges.
I'm just a teenage girl
yet my heart is pounding
while I'm imagining you taking my clothes
off -- no. I can't think of this,
I am a mess and this is distasteful.
This is the worst of me, and
he whispers seductively into my ears.
And I fear the more I think of this
will become reality, will become a necessity;
between a longing for more and yearning
for the warm touch of flesh.
I kept my hands to myself and decided
it was right to only touch myself.
Escaping from the cold touch of reality
for a hot burn of fingers
that slide in and contaminate me.
I want to feel it out and I want to know how it works
and there isn't anything stopping me now.
I want to know what it is and I want to
feel what adults feel.
But this makes me dirty and this makes me
impure and his blue eyes and his blond hair
turns me on and this adolescent love
isn't the right spiritual release that I need
but instead it gives me the sensual pleasure
and the sex that fills my lungs;
my heavy breathing and my hands are shaking;
abort, abide, gore, angels.
I'm in another world.
Shaking, shivering, moaning, groaning.
I've landed in another atmosphere.
Don't take me out of my trance, I'm willing
to die for this.
This pleasure.
This pleasure is self-discovery.
This pleasure is what my body wants more than anything.
This pleasure is energy that can black out everything.
This pleasure is dirty,
this pleasure is rotten,
this pleasure is the sin.
This is pleasure is temporary
but these seconds feel like it'll last

Masturbation isn't for everyone. The struggles that a girl has with trying to feel herself when she doesn't want to. Fresh out the shower, she's already a mess and she can't deal with work so she goes straight to pleasure.
Thomas Newlove
Thomas Newlove
Nov 27, 2016

Epiphanies appear in various forms, and, on rare occasions, they even come at three thirty in the morning with your pants around your knees.

Nov 24, 2016

dud stick of dynamite
cigarette barely lit
calling number 51
your story's gettin' writ

sick eyed and spun out
rusting on an IV poll
waiting for the sun
burned out on the run

was sick of life and at night
would saw at his dick
the love of the Son
and good news made him sick

archangel Mike and St. Peter there watching
computer screen souls hating what they see

the cinema scene corroded
as cellphones ruled the land
iPad and iPod dormant
my heroin is my hand

pornographic priestess, she's explosive
the meeting went as follows
the minutes were doctored and revised
the waiting room was restless

the devil was a waitress bonded in despair
raise the ropes and tear her blouse
rain blood from the air
mechanically shun her

dud stick of dynamite
limp without air
oxygen is worthless
when your buried under there

R.I.P our dearly beloved Leonard Cohen (1934 - 2016). May he rest in peace.
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The puddle of semen
Lied on the Shower floor,
But just a few minutes earlier,
Jethro was contemplating
Creating a river of blood
At a local Synagogue
With his Assault Rifle
He had been so Full of Rage!

Pleasurable afternoon
No one to bother me
Didn't feel like studying
Didn't feel like thinking
What the hell can I do about anything anyways?!
I just spent some Quality Time
With my Vagina.

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