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You are a beast,
a monster,
an evil soul,
with an ugly vendetta
and a heart of stone.

You play games with people's minds,
use them like pawns in your world,
but the thing you don"t realize is
I'm not just an ordinary girl.

I'm strong and powerful,
brave and mighty.
My heart is gold,
my soul

I am your undoing.
The end to your games.
I stand against you,
my army behind me.
Countless soldiers
ready for battle.

You can't win against us;
our cause is just,
to strike down the evil,
the monster
the beast.

And the beast,
my dear,
is you.

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The soldier,
Stood stalwart on the shoreline,
Stoic as a statue. As his society
despised him and his despondent destiny.
Degraded and defiled his unwanted duty.
As if he never pledged his life.
To the cause of guarding the sea shoreline,
But he still stands as a statue far away from home.
His humanity stripped from him.
His love now tone deaf and monotone.
He has lost all his empathy, destroyed all insubordination.
The man did his duty.
As ordered by foolhardy generals.
Comrades fell as dominos do.
Now he stands alone.
With no regiment to aid him,
and no abode to march too.
No longer a country for him,
To call his homeland.

#war   #sad   #home   #pain   #loss   #melancholy   #soldier   #army   #general   #comrade  

I am not fond of any luxury car,
So they gave me a Company car,
A 16-wheeled armoured car!

'Tis indeed a very rough ride,
High above the ground is its ride,
Enemies are so afraid of my ride!

My HP Poem #1362
©Atul Kaushal
#indian   #car   #company   #army   #tank   #16-wheeled  

"Round 'em up and waste 'em"
Mud weary jungle old
Crawling and wretched
We did.
Unthinking obedience
Their goal realized.
"Don't leave any!"
Squeeze and squeeze
Guts and triggers
Fingers numb too
This no more sense than the rest
And no less.
One for my buddy
Cold beneath the rubble.
You for my country
Him for apple pie
Her for my mother
A four year face explodes
Uncomprehending as I
And one for my God -
My God why have you forsaken us.

My take on the Mi Lai massacre by the US Army during the Viet Nam war.  The brass was pilloried for the atrocity.
MiLai was also known as Pinkville among the troops
#war   #vietnam   #army  
Tiffany Scicluna
Tiffany Scicluna
Dec 12, 2016

A heart lost,
Battles half won,
Injured souls,
Lifeless bodies
Pilling up...
Blood shed,
Watery eyes,
Till all that's left, is
Sobbig for the dead

#life   #death   #loss   #bodies   #lifeless   #army   #soldiers   #lostlives  
Dec 5, 2016

Holding him in my arms.
I don’t know his name.
He wasn’t in my unit.
He was just another face smeared with blood, sweat, dirt and god knows what else.
He would end up being another boy going back home to his mom, but not at her door step with flowers and balloons.
But at her door step in a brown box, followed by wilting flowers and cards, that she never wanted to get.

My ears have become numb to the screaming, piercing through the smoke, caused by the  bombs dropping around me.
Now I’m focused on his brown eyes.
His eyes were the color of rich soil. The power of life surging through it, yet only if the sun shines on it perfectly.
But, by God, there is no sun shining today.
His brown eyes.
His brown eyes of determination.
The eyes that followed the stroke of his hand when he signed up for this.
The eyes that scanned his families face one last time before he boarded the plane.
The eyes that won’t be there for his mother in comfort when the sergeant comes knocking on her door.
The eyes that won’t see her collapse on the floor, cursing God for letting her son go. Were her prayers never heard?

I look down from his eyes, once full of warmth, now stone cold, like the Statue of Liberty on a January day in Manhattan.
He wears a gold cross around his neck. I’ve never been religious but I say a prayer to the Big Man in the clouds for him.

These green and brown colors that cover his body, like mine, are normal. Once they kick you off that helicopter, the day when you are hit with the fact that this is real, they seem to give you a pair of goggles that changed your vision to brown and green. To make you block out the real world.
As if you would forget it.
But you do.

I don’t know how long I’ve been here, but long enough to hear a booming voice screaming “Get the hell out of here!” I don’t know if it was God or my lieutenant, but I didn’t move a muscle.
I sat there continuing to hold this boy, this man. He seemed no more than 20 years old, yet he was driven to serve and his years were cut short. Too short.

All of the sudden an arm grabbed ahold of me and yanked me away. Screaming into my hear something I can’t comprehend. My legs follows but my eyes continue to be locked on the motionless body.

I didn’t even know his name.

#war   #army   #veterans  
Tamal Kundu
Tamal Kundu
Dec 2, 2016


At the savage, indigo sky,
draped in snow, claw the mountains high.
By the cirque, a base, sheltered 'neath,
his gun sings the ballad of death.

A field of kash, in autumn swirl,
the dark braid of that village girl.
Mother's white, unwavering faith,
his gun sings the ballad of death.

Skin burns through the synthetic girth,
frozen blood inseminates earth.
Echo of loss shudders his breath,
his gun sings the ballad of death.

At the savage, indigo sky,
his gun sings the ballad of death.

Form: Kyrielle Sonnet
Siachen is a glacier located in the eastern Karakoram range of Himalayas mountains just northeast of the LoC between India and Pakistan. It's also the highest battleground on Earth.
#war   #death   #sonnet   #guns   #army  
Nov 30, 2016

A fallen soldier
All in the name of freedom
The ultimate price
Gone, but never forgotten
Dry your teary eyes
Let the memory live on
Forever in time
Carried in our hearts and souls
A heroic death

#freedom   #sad   #loss   #hero   #soul   #memory   #soldier   #rip   #army  
Nov 6, 2016

Anxiety has an army
She's marching through my head.
She's twisting up my body
I swear she wants me dead

She's climbing down my throat;
She's wrapped around my spine.
She whispers in my ear
"Your souls forever mine"

Anxiety has a song
Of harsh and dreadful laughter.
A voice that tells your story
As unhappily ever after.

She'll rock your broken mind
Until all you do is sleep.
She'll dig her nails into your head
For your joys she craves to reap.


#life   #pain   #illness   #anxiety   #empty   #hurt   #fight   #mental   #help   #army  
Oct 21, 2016

trained to protect
armed in heart
dressed in courage
camouflage clothes
brave hearts
murdered unjustly
brave hearts
who were put down
by the gunmen
brave hearts
caught in the web of conflict
when they were the fearless
who only wanted
to keep us safe

for the fallen 44: the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force who were shot down by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. you will never be forgotten and we thank you for your bravery. we are sorry.
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