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2d · 33
They say "sometimes life's unfair".
Sometimes you're up in the air,
But usually you're down,
Feeling lower than the ground.

But life can also make you happy,
With friends and family.
The times you cherished together,
Will always be in your memories forever.

Yes, I know sometimes it isn't easy.
Being stressed for being too busy.
Stop achieving the person others want you to be,
Start being you and the person you want to be.

Always remember,
Life isn't life without challenges.
Your life depends on your choices.
So start living it to the fullest
Jul 12 · 1.0k
Your Eyes Tells It All
Yvonne Canio Jul 12
I look up the skies,
And I saw the clouds.
I look at your eyes,
It's not me you want around.

I felt the urge to apologize,
Cause its only now that I realized.
I'm sorry for the times you wasted on me,
Instead with the girl you like to be with.

As I walk away from you,
Please take it as goodbye...
I'm letting my love go,
to chase the girl he likes.
Jul 2019 · 144
「 Reflection 」
Yvonne Canio Jul 2019
A girl caught my attention, she's slightly sun-kissed.
Marks and scratches can be seen in her wrist.
She smiles yet her eyes of hers are telling me something..
Then she hids her arms in the jacket shes wearing.

Suddenly, tears started to fall from her eyes,
It seems like she's done with all these stupid lies.
She smiles so bright as if it was her last...
Then the truth hits me like a blast.

Truly, mirror show our reflection.
But ONLY US, ourselves knows our inner intention.
I know that because I can see...
I know how it felt.... because she's me.
Jul 2019 · 241
Yvonne Canio Jul 2019
I smile because I'm happy,
I smile because it's funny.
I smile? That's a lie.
The truth is I'm dying inside.

I want you to believe I'm fine,
That yesterday I didn't cry.
That yesterday was okay too.
I smile to hide the pain from you.
Apr 2019 · 120
Imperfect Girl
Yvonne Canio Apr 2019
I'm not a toy or a barbie,
nor a princess wannabe.
But i have something to say,
So please listen to what I'll say.

I'm a girl with flaws,
A girl who doesn't wear make up,
A girl who breaks some laws,
A girl who can't make it to the top.

In short, I'm not your ideal type of girl,
I'm not as bright like a pearl.
and other people may look down,
cause I don't have the thing you called "crown".

Though I really like meddling with others,
staying and being there for on another.
Still, I am not perfect,
For my parents, the standards 101 isn't all checked.

— The End —