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Laura P Apr 2020
Wipe your shoes first before coming in
And keep them in the hall

So if leaving, there won't be footprints
No mess left behind at all

So if you leave, no trace left on my skin
No drama for us to recall.
  Apr 2020 Laura P
Steve Page
Jack and Jill went up to Lidl
To queue for toilet paper
Jack got bored and soon he snored
Jill's patience was much greater

Jill queued on and moved along
Until allowed to enter
She found a pack and on the way back
Kicked Jack with pent-up anger.
A response to Jack & Jill.
  Apr 2020 Laura P
The tower
is still burning
and smoke
makes them suffocating.
  Apr 2020 Laura P
Blake Henningsen
Lying on the rare
Psychedelic river named
Thames, I wept for life.

My mother called last
Night. She said Thames messes with
You, causes cancer.

She suffered from renal
Failure, after doing the same.
That is why I wept.

The cool, brown water
Washed over me. It rinsed my mind.
It tames me from me.

Revelation strikes
My heart, maybe I should leave
And never look back.
Laura P Apr 2020
If I could,
I would call upon you
and tell you that the reasons why you are beautiful

As yellow meets black, turns night
                  We gaze in wonder at the city beneath the heath

As amber leaves branches, fall ever near
                  We crunch and repeat with our feet to the beat

As cracked hands cup coffee in shelter
                  We nod flick leftover shrapnel to them.

As wisened minds, ask us for guidance
                  We bravely seek to give the help they crave.

I would remind you that this is why life’s worth living.

I will conquer the world for you, my dear.
Sequel to London's Burning
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