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Filomena Nov 2018
I must efface
the heron vase
so it will never be replaced.
it might mean something, or not
idk figure it out
Composed while at work.
Touting about

To -democracy-

taking path

Many a psychopath

In the acid-test of integrity

Proves aberrant

Exuding a political stench

To development-and- democracy

Thirsty repugnant.

A phony politician

Has a double face

Which s/he changes from

Place to place

To sweet talk

Citizens sugar-coated

Ideals to embrace.

But monster's follies

Is sure own talks to efface.

Many a political monster

Wrecks his/her share of disaster

When reason to fantasy

Cedes place,

But soon
S/he will be
Stripped of grace.
Given the prompts words monster,disaster,repugnant, aberrant ,psychopath
Unknwn Sep 2018
In this vast horizon.
It is you, among all creations who were able to efface this bitterness,
this melancholy
and this longing.

In this limited time.
It is you, among all creations who tamed the roaring buzz,
the clashing mind
and the raging past.

It is you.

It was you.

In a lifetime.
It was you whom I thought would be the one.

It was you of all creations.
This is a new document
I hesitate to efface it with words
Life is like a blank slate
Obscured before it is ever even spoken
It's a clean start to a ***** finish
What we begin has already ended
Yet it lives inside of us waiting to be reborn
Tonight we reside in flaming letters
Comfort is a breath away from being broken
So hold me and observe me in my shyness
We fit together like crying children
This symmetry is obviously oblivious
But we'll miss the bus if we keep talking
Sometimes we take our silence a bit too seriously
And you are always free to agree to anything
But plausible denial is usually above our paygrade
Tommy Randell Oct 2018
As the poet I'm always ready
To take the hit,
You don't like what I say
You have my utmost permission
NOT to read it -
But quite how you do that
I wouldn't know
You see knowledge is like that
You read it, you bleed it
It's a one time blow.

Some realities, some violence
You wish you hadn't seen
But it's with you for life
On that internal screen,
You can't erase it, or efface it
You can't not go there again
It haunts you and taunts you
And there's no way to abstain -
We're all knowledge junkies
On a runaway train.

How would it be
If you just chose not to see,
If you sat in the dark
Without experience or chronology?
You'd be like some God
In the mind of Its own sophistry.
No, in defence of we Poets
And countless other Creators
Your Commentating is Hating
We are the Narrators!
I truly believe it is impossible to DISLIKE/UNLIKE another person's poem. In some contexts LIKING has no opposite that makes sense. Once you have read a poem you may feel all kinds of negatives and etc but it is in you now and like all experiences you have had it is a fundamental part of you. How you accept or rebuff any change is under your control. The poem didn't make a change in you, you made the change - you can't unlike your new self ... only the actions and thoughts you are now having.

— The End —