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 Feb 2 Molly
Influence me
So I may be good
She is the flower,
Who I want to see grow and bloom.
 Nov 2020 Molly
bad weather
 Nov 2020 Molly
He cried like rain
And screamed like thunder

And I

I was a quiet river deafened by his storms
 Aug 2020 Molly
panic buzzing, trapped in a bottle
afternoon skies,the colour of chalk
sunburned feet
sand clinging to sweat
i'd shower except i like the smell and taste of salt
a small fire...later you'll smell like smoke
all loose and lovely beneath a sweatshirt
a cool fog creeps and finds us
..later everything ..all that is and perhaps not
coming alive
beneath a single moon.
 Aug 2020 Molly
 Aug 2020 Molly
She sings all the songs that he wrote like all
his words are tied around her throat.
 May 2020 Molly
When our love died
It's blood fell into the blessed earth
And from that drop sprung the fauna of our hearts
Sunflowers and Primroses grew in every place we've walked
Trailing back to the deathbed of Marigolds, Pink carnations and lovely Chrysanthemums
But what only you can see
Is the trail of Forget-Me-Nots
Leading back to me
 May 2020 Molly
 May 2020 Molly
When you hear "Don't keep all your eggs in one basket"
Translation: "Don't put your heart in a casket".
I only have one heart
so I freely impart it.
I don't label it heartbreak,
you can't tape it or mask it.
The heart's the greatest gift
it only breaks if you guard it
and I never question it
I don't care much for asking.

Heartbreak and heartaches
aren't things that your heart makes
it's teetering the scale
of what the heart gives
and heart takes.
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