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A Watoot May 2015
A Watoot May 2015
I'm nineteen.  I don't know where to go.  What path to take?
I'm strong yet scared of people.
I'm fearless but I'm afraid to talk.
I have my strong thoughts.
I have my will. But I am afraid.  I don't know where to go.

He's 23; got his 30M and his own factory.
He's 22; got his own factory inaugurated by the president.
They're in their 20's.  Their bringing in a big chain of a foreign franchise to our country.  
They're young.  They are meeting with the big bosses of hotels.

Back to me.
Here I am.  I'm nineteen.  Where do I go now?
I am a lady.  I am not a flower vase.
A Watoot Mar 2015
So you tell us we do not amount to anything,
and scream in our brains that we are nothing.
But before you speak, have you seen,
The efforts we have been exerting.

Aida, before you tell us anything,
Please know what you are saying.
Have you seen the efforts we made outside these walls,
and all the things we've been through, we won't fall.

Aida, please listen, I know you're busy,
If you dig deeper, you'll smell something fishy.
We did this because you provoked us all
In order to accomplish, we must throw the ball.

Aida, do you know the story of our humble beginnings?
If not, you don't have the right to treat us like you're the one who's winning.
You are not one of us, Aida.
You will never be like us.
People will see all your flaws.  They will never really focus on what you do right.  It's always forgotten.  It will always be.
When you lose, they will never care about you.
And when you win, they share your glory.
A Watoot Mar 2015
Aida, Aida, I'm not yet done.
Have you heard that I do not run?
I never ran away from my fears.
For you, I will never shed a tear.

Aida, Aida, did I get your attention?
She was lying to get your appreciation.
I never imagined you'd never figure out
A lie that screamed "I'm a lie!" out loud.

Aida, Aida, can you hear me now?
When you leave, I won't give a bow.
Unlike Boo who treated us well,
Even if he just smiled, that's all I can tell.

Aida, Aida, do you not understand?
You can't tell us where we should land.
Give us the freedom to explore our path,
for you to earn our respect, not wrath.

Aida, Aida, I'm no hater of yours.
I understand where you're coming, my words aren't forced.
You want us to reach the stars instantly.
But it doesn't work like that. No. Not that quickly.

Aida, why do you look down at us?
Aida, why do you think we're nothing?
Aida, I will never let this pass.
Aida, I won't let this keep on happening.
I just needed to vent now that I know the truth. I needed to let the world know that you are a ******* *******.  I wanted to shout that you are unfair.  Why do you look down at us?  Why do you treat the others well?  Why are you so unfair?
A Watoot Mar 2015
Sometimes, it is so good to write an unsent letter.
I do this all the time just to create a release.  I have lots of unsent letters and I'm glad I never sent those things to people.  I've never been better.
A Watoot Aug 2015
Reality. Time plays with me because I don't have patience.
Ugh. My patience needs some work.
A Watoot Jun 2015
Bring in the storm;
I have stood in the middle of the worst.
Bring in the thunder;
I have slept peacefully through the loudest.
Bring in the flood;
I have walked in many.  It's nothing.

Bring it in.
Bring it on.
You think I'll scamper and fall?

Bring it in.  Bring it all in.
I'll face it head on.

Bring it on if all you can do is shoot.
I tell you.  I never fall.  
I bend your bullets with my thumb.

Bring it on if that's all you have.
You do make me stronger.

Is that all you have?
Is that?

**Bring it on.
Is that all you have-
words that you said are bullets?
You fail us just because?
Is that the best you can do?
Is that the worst you can give?
haha you make me laugh
Just bring it on.
'Cause soon enough, I know I'll grow stronger with every bullet I bend.
A Watoot Apr 2015
A howl of the wolf in this eerie night
Reminds me that I'm not alone in my wood cabin;
Yet I lay myself on the cold wooden floor
While salty liquids drop from my eye.

It roll down to my lips and I taste the bitterness.
I'm in my nightgown waiting for my heart to fix itself;
Yet it waits for you to come as the moon wans over again.
A Watoot Mar 2015
Nobody saw my flame; **and you will be consumed next.
Try turning the tables.  Remember, I can turn your chair upside down with you hanging on the ceiling.
A Watoot Aug 2015
Candle lit room
Illuminated by moon light
A faint smile from the unknown lady of the night

I found her wandering in the boulevard
She's smiling for a person with unsatisfied carnal desires

She undresses and starts spreading sheets above us
Faint scent of her hair
A beauty, no doubt

I listened to her stories with a lit cigarette
How she used to be an honor student

She undresses me and kisses me
She knows where to lead her mouth and hands
She moves- making me quiver with her damp thighs

I will never know your name.
Only the shared cigarette and your story

She slides it in- Moaning, scraping, pulling, tugging.
I lost myself in ecstasy falling in my vivid dreams in the hedonist dimension of the universe.

*She grabbed my wallet and ran.
She opened it; and saw a picture of herself in my arms as a toddler.
heart break makes me disturbingly weird.
A Watoot Apr 2015
She once said,
"I'm made of steel."
"I never get tired."
"I never cry."

But she did.
She got hurt, bent, and burned.

She stood up
Once again
This time, with a smile.

Because to tell you the truth
I'm made of diamond.
A Watoot Apr 2015
At night, she trembled in pleasure
He's deeper into the woods
Without any word
Spring gushed

3months after
Her belly grew
The creature inside her
was escaped by an entity

No one knew who
No one knew what
Her tummy flattened

He went deep into the woods
Again to give life
Spring gushes

3months after
Her belly grew
The creature inside her
was escaped by an entity


He never got tired going into the woods
To give life again and again
A life he eats
To gain power.
I was inspired by a story I had read back then.  They made baby and a "miscarriage" occurs.  Neighbors believed that it was some type of ghoul.  The couple never got tired of trying for baby only to get another miscarriage.  Turns out the husband eats the fetus.
A Watoot Mar 2015
Why do you want to forget
All the things that you've done wrong
Why do you make things complicated?

In a night full of splendors,
An eclipse? A change of heart?
Never forget the things you've done.
Never escape from what you've gone thru.
You can never truly run away from reality.
You can never escape me.
all i have in me is all you have in you. you can never run away from me
A Watoot Mar 2015
A statue of beauty
Slowly being unveiled
By the artist so proud of his work.
Only to see that
Its clay arms melted
Along with his dreams.
Too bad people cannot see beauty in imperfection.
A Watoot Mar 2015
He's a world reknown pianist and
She's a respected ballerina;
Another one's a famous artist.
Everyone wanted a picture. An autograph.

A simple teenager turned into a super model and
A hunk in the beach; girls flock him.
Another one's singing in the comfort of her home.  
She turned into an internet sensation.
Everybody wants to be like them.
No.  Everyone wants to be them.

And here I am, passing by the familiar streets.
And here I am, listening to my own thoughts.
And here I am, a girl unnoticed.
*Here I am, just another face in the crowd.
A Watoot Mar 2015
And when your shell shatters into shards of grainy pieces in front of him and he accepts you for who you are, learn how to be a keeper.

When you fall, fall hard.  Don't be afraid when you fall.  

I fell hard.  Lips first- on top of his lips.  He got me by my waist and shifted my weight to his body.  

Fall in love and then fall in love with that same person over again. It is a cycle that should never end.

*And believe me, you will see beauty.
A Watoot May 2015
The moon summoned howl.
She heard it in her room.

A velvet blanket covering her naked beauty
Showing a peek of the majestic mountains;
Slowly being uncovered by the heavenly bodies.
Soft plum caps slowly rising,
Soft valleys tender moist,
Light rains from rubbing clouds.
Thunder storms and waterfalls get along well in the forest.
The valleys swell with
Desire of human intervention.
She heaved and moaned from
the perfection of the unheard hedonism
Silently screaming its way out
From the undwelled cave.

The valley produced flood of spring flowers
Blooming in the dead of the night
At the howl of the wolf.
A Watoot Jul 2015
Kneeling with
Teared eyes:

An insincere hug
Hold hand
Drops of water from the sky

Burnt clothes
Wet sweat shirt
Moments flew: Gone.

Be patient.
I'm never giving up on you.
A Watoot Mar 2015
I'm OK.  I'm fine. She whispered as she cried tonight.
im ok im fine.
A Watoot May 2015
Stark naked.
Reaching down.
Feeling giddy.
Thinking of you.

Through a phone line,
Electric currents
Deliver our very own
Explicit thoughts
Of us together
In dark and cold.

Moans and flicks combined with
Unrelenting hand movements; and
Imaginations connected
By two people on the line.

Release and satisfaction.
Feeling together.
Closing gaps and
Satisfying carnal desires

through a phone line
it's funny how technology has taken us this far
A Watoot Apr 2015
I choose to remain calm in life
I choose to pacify my anger and hatred
I learned a lot by listening
and destroying hatred with love.

We must understand that
The said nexus is real.
Without war, there won't be peace,
Without hate, there won't be love,
Without death, there won't be life.
Because this is reality.

I can turn the tables if I must.
I can consume you with fire if I want.
I can destroy you- leaving your heart in tiny fragments
Like shrapnel stuck in the undwelled parts of your body.

But reality's deeper than these.
Reality's deeper than me.
Reality is all within us.
Accept it as it is.
Never fight with the nexus.
Hold on to it, but do **destroy the hatred inside you.
My first ever Naruto inspired poem :) teeeheee
A Watoot May 2015
Huwag kang papakain sa putang inang sistema natin. Mabuhay ka!
putang ina. nakakita ako ng video ng nanghuli dahil sa overspeeding. kitang kita naman ang lahat ng ebidensya. may video na. pinagpipilitan pa rin ng putang ina na over speeding daw. Ayaw niya ibigay ang pangalan niya nang hininge ito ng hinuli.

hindi naman ito nangyayari kung hindi magara ang kotse na totoong nagooverspeeding eh.

kuya ko hinuli. beating the red light daw. eh anak ng tokwat tofu. anong klaseng mata meron kayo?sira ang stop light. binigyan niyo ng ticket. sige tinanggap ang ticket. pag dating sa city hall, bakit may kasamang arrogance na?

A Watoot Apr 2015
This, today
Is your special day.

Twenty years ago today,
You were born to this world
By a loving lady and a tough man.

This, today
Is your birthday.

You were born
To love a lucky lady
You were born
To be loved by this lucky lady;

And I will stand by you
Through thick and thin.

You are my air.  I'll cling to you like how we all cling to life, space, and time.
*I will love you forever.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Hon. I love you forever.
A Watoot Mar 2015
Please don't let yourself drown in the ocean of lies.
Late night thoughts.
A Watoot Jul 2015
Maybe I'm too fat
Maybe I eat like a man
Maybe I've got no poise
Maybe I'm too loquacious
Maybe I...

Honestly, I know.

I know my tongue slashes throats and
My eyes asphyxiates.

I know my personality is too strong for a little person
That I amaze and scare at the same time.

I know I'm a strong lady- *too strong for you to handle.

That's why I have been able to stand up from where you pushed me.
That's why I am able to think of myself.
That's why I am not blaming love but the person in love.

Honestly, I know
That you can't take the blades of my tongue

Honestly, I know
That you can't say I'm beautiful

Honestly, I know
That you do not love me like how I love you

Honestly, I know
That you are selfish

Honestly, I know
That I am now seeing truth

After all these weeks of crying my eyes out,

I'm back.

because honestly i know
that you are a *****
A Watoot Jun 2015
Everyday, we wake up,
Walk to the mirror,
Look at the face,
A routine
Eat breakfast,
Then, go out.

Put on the facade-
Our very own personalities
That we built based on how the society works.
And we emulate it
Without effort.

Some are stoic.
Some are strong.
Some are weak.
Some are jolly.
Some are...

*But at the end of the day, all of us are just vulnerable human beings.
We emulate our personalities without effort.

Inspired y my GREATWK prof.
A Watoot Jul 2015
It hurts right here, straight to the heart. I'm bleeding.
sorry please forgive me
A Watoot Jun 2015
I already freed myself.
I poured it out.
I poured it all out to the vast oceans
because species eat in cycles.

Species eat species.

I. There is only an I.
No.  There's none of you that belongs in I.
I am alone- completely in control of myself.

I have forgotten and unforged memories of glee and warmth;
Have untook the steps of friendship;
Kinship is now a gray area.

I poured it out.
It's too late to bring things back.

Too late, too early.

because I'm a self proclaimed **I
A long break
A long pause
Too much things happening
I'm tired of hearing ****
A Watoot Jul 2015
the heart i drew on the sand by the beach got washed away by the sea- just like how easily you threw away our memories together
sorry sorry sorry i cannot lose you
A Watoot Aug 2015
I'm in love with a certain type of mess.
The idea of living your life on the run for the fun of it yet you are securely stable.
Weird enough that I am still drowning myself in my own insecurities.

*Oh, what a mess I am!
I'm a mess. I'm a mess of mistakes.
A Watoot Mar 2015
She's beautiful
She's cunning
She's bubbly.
She's like a Victorian figurine in the glass shelf of menagerie.
She works her way up
by telling the right words
at the right time.
She's impossibly perfect in every way.
I see her.
I can see her.
I'm not envious.

Because I saw her lie and steal in the presence of her perfection.
This is for the person who I should always keep my eyes on.  
She has been lying and stealing since day one.
A Watoot Jun 2015
I've been putting up with so many people since day one;
and I...

No.  Stop writing.

I don't understand the mix of my emotions lately.  
I just want to leave some people behind and push them out of my life.
They are toxic to me- unwanted in my system.

I'm tired.
I'm just tired.
A Watoot Mar 2015
In my anger,
heart is heavy,
you laughed at me.
You're a dense ******.
A Watoot Mar 2015
is this whats its all about
pushing things in your brain
that really don't make sense

is this whats its all about
doing things to please everyone
that you don't really want

is this whats its all about
the grades, the money, the medal
which doesn't really make you any better than anyone else
A Watoot May 2015
City noise drowned by my ears.
Rays of sunlight passed through leaves.
As cool breeze blew my hair,
I realize, I really wasn't there.

Inoculation started with titanium tips;
I looked elsewhere and thought real deep.
Anesthesia sunk down in my cheeks.
My face feel numb with swollen lips.

I think my mind wandered far enough,
Little me saying "Hey, I'm tough."
But my tongue tasted blood and rust.
But hey, I still do give my trust.

Continuously, he said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."
While bringing it back, after taking the ivory.
The familiar scent of isopropyl filled the air.
He gave me a specimen of the ivory that I once took care.
My mind wandered off in the middle of my surgery. ouch
A Watoot Dec 2015
...and it should never be THAT exciting.  It should be calm.  It should never make your heart beat so fast that it feels like you are gonna explode.  

You should feel calm.
A Watoot Apr 2015
Facing and dealing
with reality
head on
make you stronger.
I've had enough ******* getting through life.  But it's what makes me stronger. BRING IT ON!
A Watoot May 2015
I have trusted love so much
That it broke me to pieces twice.

I was left in the dark-
bruised and bleeding.
My face was wet with sweat and tears;
And my mouth tasted blood from frequent blows.
I was covered in scars.
I couldn't even tell anyone.
I almost gave love up.

Then, hate and coldness started to consume my entire being.

But love heals all sorts of wounds; and wounds do heal in time.
Do see beauty in love.
A Watoot Sep 2015
Take it easy. Take it slow. Enjoy the ride.*
There's no need to rush things.
A Watoot May 2015
Our pillowed lips
Mashed together
Movements without thought
Tingle our spines

*Eyes closed.
Deep breathes.
Love bites;
Another inch deeper.

Tongue twisted.
Lost for words .
Our lips moist.
Breathes short.

A Watoot Apr 2015
You amaze me.

Through millions of miles,
I see your face;

Through many heart aches we take,
We kiss;

Through our hardest moments,
We hold hands;

You amaze me, truly;
And I love you.
I guess this is the mushiest I can get. hehehe..well here it is. <3
A Watoot May 2015
I've been waiting
For a great comeback.
But you cannot supply me
With the truth I deserve.

Therefore, I
will make you a marionette-
controlled by my hands,
and make you dance

For my entertainment
and for my sake;
Because you cannot
amuse me just by
making yourself look pitiful.

Do not try masking
Things that's true
Because I know
What's been happening.

Do not even try masking
And hiding behind
switching topics and
Frequent lies.

I cannot tolerate
these things that you do.
So, I am here to pull your strings
And make you dance for all the

**Lost trust
Lose my trust. Lose your will.
For a friend that I already cut ties with.
You forgot what I can do.
A Watoot Mar 2015
threads and needles;
hook and eye;
you and me.
A Watoot Mar 2015
ph5 acidic

ph6.7 slightly acidic

*I do not sugar coat boldness.
A piece of me.
A Watoot Mar 2015
I never got tired of reminding
Like how the wind never stopped howling
In the great, wild typhoon of the century
I never stopped my sadness, I'm sorry

I shut my mouth and hide my emotions
For you to be satisfied but I cannot stop the commotions
You turn me upside down with one word like the wind
But I never stopped reminding you,
sorry for I have sinned

A sin you so hate that you completely shut me off
I now stand still in my shanty I call my loft
And when the wind passed by again, I swear I'll stand still
That you will never again shut me off at your own will

At this moment, you forgot how to treat me well
This, I make you remember, how I should tell?
Remember how you pleaded and begged for me to stay
I did and no one, even myself got in my way

*You forgot how to kiss me
I dont know if what I am doing is right
A Watoot May 2015
O sweet love!
What heavenly creation are you?
Making strength a weakness;
Perfecting imperfections.

O sweet love!
What on Earth are you?
You make strong men fall
At your presence.

Sweet sweet love,
Be tender yet strong
So everyone can hold you tight;
And bring peace to the world.
A Watoot Apr 2015
The smile on my face
Never seem to exist
before you came along.

You melt me, my heart, my soul;
You melt me along with you.

This, our revolving world,
Our grassy plane,
Our own dimension,
It's ours to claim.  No one else.

We already claimed it.
*This is ours.
A Watoot May 2015
The sky painted itself grey;
When it was blue seconds ago.

Then, rain poured down.

Seemed like I'm the only one in the street
Soaked by the sudden down pour.

I looked up and saw a rainbow.

Don't bother asking

*Because even the sky painted itself grey
When it was blue seconds ago.
Minds change like the weather.
A Watoot Feb 2015
I've been counting days by the second
Since February seven
I hope you'll come
Wish you'd listen to me talk
While you breathed through my skin
I'm waiting
I'm sacrificing everything
I'm learning so much
It's just a bit
Getting bigger every day
I never wanted any of these
I wrote this piece way back 2010.  I altered this piece just because I needed to keep the memory private.
A Watoot Aug 2015
When you take me out,
Intentionally take the route of a heavily packed road
or or you could bring me to your special place.

Let's talk about all sorts of things-
From physics to metaphysics;
From our dreams to our favorite scents.
Let me invade your mind and just chill for the night.

Let the world move and we'll take a pause.
Let the people be in chaos and let's watch the world burn.
Let's just take a sip of a perfect night- invading each other's minds.
I know a night is not enough.
We need a life time of it.
To the one.
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