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As you cruise on planet Earth, your mother ship,
                  You  float, no one knows where exactly, in the universe, the sky,
Spinning in circles, circling the sun, as other planets, and stars,
Pass you by.
A perfect resort for human beings, your sun the perfect distance away,
Plants that re- produce, and create oxygen, for all to breathe each day,
Along with many varieties, of food, for you to survive, during this life stay.
There is so much around you and inside your planet, yet to be discovered,
Someday, every survival need you need is free, appreciation, your goal, to visit,
Other planets, millions of miles away. You  are creatures from many years,
By mixing families, genes, and cultures, you are all the same.
The free needs of a human being, are taken for granted, in every way,
Knowing at any time, your earthly figure could fade away, why are,
So many thoughts and actions, negative, greedy, and cruel,
You should all care about, and be happy with each other,
This life, a short one-time vacation, as your soul will travel on,
Searching for perfection, before the final judgment day.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/25/22 AD
4:19 am
This life is a constant search,
For answers to find,
Sorting the why’s and wishes, not by choice,
That were left behind,
Those gears are always turning,
In my mind.
The road is only paved, one breath at a time,
Tomorrow may never be,
Just a dream, in your mind.
There is a dead-end, sign, for each of us,
It’s not far around the bend,
Keep your pedal to the metal, and
Never pretend.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/7/2020
You arrived in this life, with an open hand,
Everything to learn, no direction or plans,
Never knowing, what you will find,
Around the next turn, someone you never expected,
Is your true best friend, and those you thought,
Were so cool, we’re looking at you to burn.
As a child, everything so entertaining,
That enters your mind, then you learn, to separate,
What is good, and what will lead to binds.
Everything grew smaller, as you started standing,
Higher, on your feet, Your dreams started expanding,
As you planned, on reaching the tallest peak.
Dreams do come true, some you never even realize,
A different, person, time, and place, than the original vision,
That came to you. Always plan, look ahead a few years,
The material world can be fun, many end up with empty hands.
None of us know, until our last, how many we will have till our final day,
Angels and your spirit will guide you, to help lead your soul to perfection,
The only part of you, that will travel on, after this life’s stay.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/22/2022 AD
4:20 am
Almost one-third of my life, I have been an author,
I never think of myself much that way,
Interesting thoughts flow, I print with a pencil in hand,
What, inspires me, I never start with an exact plan.
Writers, deep thinkers, and prophets, always related to the past,
They are among us, some reading this could be, delivering,
Messages, that will forever last.
They would have a special personality, able to mix with,
All types of people, depending on the situation, are capable of,
Delivering the messages, in many different ways, leaving,
Inspiring information, to others, they may use, will repeat,
While pondering about the impression, that was made,
For the rest of this life’s stay.
Society is hanging over a cliff, through ads, and many other ways,
Creating minds, that money, is so much talked about,
Altering how people think, they refuse to listen, or even believe,
Unless a famous rich person or money is in the conversation, some way.
Think about your thoughts, the messages you receive, and hopefully
The answer will come, for the original plan, and
Peace On Earth Will Be.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/7/2022
Life attitude actions future
A feeling that you can never totally explain,
Often confusing, although it always remains,
Often changing, from soft to smooth, to moments,
Of going insane. A business venture, working,
For common long term, goals, those involved,
Must share, and accept, give and receive, while,
Often switching to different role’s, often seeking,
Solutions, from within the soul. A project that needs,
Constant team work, and repair, along the way,
Enjoyment, a caring nature, emotions, are more reward,
Than any monetary pay. From patience, to times of hurry,
On any day, dedication, determination, resolving,
Issues, accepting behavior, just a short list, if you want,
Love in your life to stay.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 6/17/2022 AD
!:32 pm
As the morning sunlight rises,
In the East, behind my back,
To start this day, lighting everything,
The warm rays, touch along their way.
A few hours later, the dark nimbus cumulus clouds,
Start to cover the sky, blocking  the sunlight rays,
From my eyes, after a few rounds of thunder,
Raindrops start falling to the ground,
Nothing in its path stays dry, as the wind,
Starts blowing the falling moisture around.
The darkness continues to increase,
Looking towards, Schooley’s woods,
The white and yellow honeysuckle, I could normally see,
Across Maxwell’s creek, hiding in darkness, the only,
Light for a landmark, a lone light on, Schaubert’s bridge,
As I look downstream taking a peek.
The rain will slowly fade,
The sun will light the rest of the day,
The water in the creek will flow under the bridge,
Downstream on its, way.

The Original: Tom Maxwell  copyright 5/19/22 AD
2:00 pm
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