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of recent times
we've had a mouse invasion
in our small township

we're seeking trappers
to rid their big pestilence
before we're ousted
The season is merry and bright,
we watch on a silent night;
As children wait for treasures,
they'll cherish heartily forever.

As Santa rides his sleigh,
from a million miles away,
He's happy to be the one,
to deliver such Christmas fun.

While snow falls like confetti,
parents everywhere are ready;
For children's early rising,
with their laughter NOT surprising.

Hot cocoa made by mother,
sharing goodies like no other;
And lying underneath the tree,
Santa's gifts bring so much glee.

Lost forever in a trance,
of love that seems to dance;
The spirit of Christ is here,
we celebrate from year to year !
Through a holy night, we're blessed with love, as God reaches down, from heaven above. Merry Christmas to all ! xoxo Frances
A mellow nose
Gorgeous as the moon
Mirrored in the lagoon

Your skin is tender
Your uniqueness is beauty
Of previously not seeing your splendor
Your smile makes me guilty

Love is your center
Kindness, your vitality
Light in the dark, a magic mender
Goddess of purity

White rose
A perfume dose
Peaceful as the moon
Mirrored in the lagoon

Your scent is the trip
And Paradise is my fate
If constantly smelling your friendship
Becomes an open gate

I will be your grip
For when you are desperate
Just accept the bee that wants your lips
To pollinate your fate

White rose
Striking a Pose
Shiny as the moon
Mirrored in the lagoon
This is the first poem of the second chapter, and it is supposed to show my new found love for this new person I met that made me feel amazing after a moment of despair. I gave her this poem adorned with real white roses to show my appreciation for her on her birthday.  Coincidently the page and chapter that "White Rose" falls in my anthology is the date of her birthday, February 22nd.
as time tumbles by
eroding its rocky bed
of eternity
in the shallows
we create
pools of stillness
capturing handfuls
to refresh us

on cold January mornings
the pools ice-olate
into frozen moments
we sculpt into memories
until the reality
of springtime
puddles them
drip by drop
back into the current
Feeling my oats or my age this morning...not sure which.
I look through fingers of light
And feathers of ice
In the milky glow
Of a full moon
In a cloudless,starlit sky.
I can see for miles at midnight
As the midwinter frost
Settles on the land.
 Jan 8 Johnny's Brother
When rooms sleep and birds carry heartache to trees, when light
is gone and peace is woven into dreams: I will build myself a nest
and unfold the poem I stole. I will taste with care the words you
chose, and pretend you wrote them for me.

(I will love, I will love, I will love)

(One for sorrow, two for mirth, three for a funeral, four for birth, five for heaven, six for hell, seven for a devil's tale to tell)
I begin to miss their attention
even though it was wrong

I never felt more important
then when they told me

"you're mature for your age"
her ignorance was bliss. his knowledge of this was a dark abyss, so he became progressive and patient for his own gain; which would become her future pain.
When you've lived life a fair bit you realize two important yourself are your best friend and you yourself are your greatest enemy.
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