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It's only love
no reward required
Tell it like it is
this is your story
your life your truth
let them hear your heartbeat.
 Jan 30 Johnny's Brother
I've realized everyone tells me to
let go and never look back;
but it makes me hold on tighter to
what we ha(d)(ve).
[draft] 11/09/20
I still hold onto
what I no longer have
I need to straighten
my dreams out,
they got crooked along the way.
In my frozen castle,
in this grueling winter of life,
lies in me an invincible summer
that longs to be free;
scabbed up knees and
grass stains on my soul,
it just itches to run, and
swim the rivers,
and lie long in the sun.
When I follow my heart,
It leads me to you,
But when I follow my stomach,
It leads me to the fridge
To top it when we have visitors which is often,
It really matters what is left inside
There are some kinds of pain that never go away no matter what you just have to learn to live with them.
It's like meeting
a less popular school friend
and you just can't
bend your head around it
and every word
the guy speaks
places the two of you
together in the middle
of the action
to the point
that you just frankly say
I can't remember a thing
truth be told
the event was real
you just don't know
this guy from Adam.
There's ether in
the cloud at the
bottom of the hill.
Birthdays come and
and they seal the deal.
Feelings change with
the wind,
but time is real.
It's a thief,
and it likes to steal.
Time steals everything
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