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16/M    self-expression through poetry
Richard Smith
43/M    Married with 5 children chef in British Army
50/F/England    Unexpectedly became a poet July 20, which became my therapy. I came to HePo to explore, to share, to experiment & to learn. Finding my ...
Stuck In My Head    Hi. I like plants, anime, and the color yellow + I'm depressed.
34/M/Columbus    Everything I see is a pantheon of love, of which I like or dislike at the moment, depending.
Erik Luo
21/M    To see the beauty of our existence, the brilliance in our struggle, and the love in our sadness.
Atlantis    I opened the doors for you to come; be slapped by words 'till you get numb. It is the world gods long ago abandoned, for ...
You've Been Timetabled
The Exclusion Zone    Reposts of great work from HP writers, so they can be spotlighted and not lost. Inspired by ScriptedReposts. And dedicated to all the reposters on ...
I'm an aide who works in special education..My dad was an English major.My Mom and Dad took all 6 of us to library. We were ...
Ogunsanya victor
23/M/On The Path   
22/F    I write poems as a means of an emotional and creative outlet. I hope you enjoy reading them.
63/M/London England   
31/F/UK    “There’s doubt in trying. Just do it or stop thinking.” TOBA BETA, MASTER OF STUPIDITY Poems about the anxiety of writing poems. All poems ©EllePoet
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