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Apr 30 · 142
Indeed Apr 30
Im sing a song now
It's called "drained"

You still here ???
Feb 5 · 188
Indeed Feb 5
why does this happen ?
a sudden wave
my breathe starts knocking
my hands tremble
I have sleep paralysis in broad day light .
Oct 2021 · 66
Indeed Oct 2021
I'm still the same person
I thought
I came to your house

" because, you wanted to see my miserable face ?"
Oct 2021 · 88
Indeed Oct 2021
just stop saying
"friends are forever "
Oct 2021 · 75
Indeed Oct 2021
and then there comes a age
when you don't even lie
you don't even hurt anyone
you didn't do anything bad
but still feel terrible
and your heart becomes miserable
then you can't even breathe properly.
Oct 2021 · 113
the stain
Indeed Oct 2021
that gaze "you're mine"
sends chills to my spine.
Oct 2021 · 63
Indeed Oct 2021
Haven't read a poetry without 'nature'
Oct 2021 · 262
Indeed Oct 2021
Any poem
Yeah any poem
It's incompl
Sep 2021 · 312
Indeed Sep 2021
need a syllabus called mental health
Sep 2021 · 56
This shit hurts
Indeed Sep 2021
this hurts, you know
living all alone with that ******* father
I hate him and he hates my goddess mommy
he says if she comes here I'd chop off her legs
he says someone is gonna die soon
It hurts and it's getting worse
my innocent heart can't take all this
It's too much too bear now
Imma crying out for help
no one will listen
cause I know studies are important
but what about mental health
is there a solution ?
Aug 2021 · 254
a bad habit
Indeed Aug 2021
Mfs be asking
Why I speak less

Man, I just write and read
Nothing more
Thats how I enjoy my life
And it's better than human interactions.
Aug 2021 · 94
just hate
Indeed Aug 2021
he hurt my mother
I'll never forgive him
and make him die
what he did to my goddess
Jul 2021 · 398
yearning years
Indeed Jul 2021
didn't I offer all my luck to you from the beginning.
Jun 2021 · 124
Indeed Jun 2021
my friend,
told me when I wasn't near him for 3 years,
he drugged a lot, and there was a time he saw himself in doorstep of hospital
my heart,
It stopped beating, I couldn't do anything about it,
what more surprising is that he told me that with his sparkling smile.
That smile which I couldn't get to see in those years.
I feel so bad
It's so painful
and it's just such a shame I can't caress his hair anymore.
And I cannot get across those words they mean so much that it's giving me an headaches.
Jun 2021 · 79
Indeed Jun 2021
hey, I'm from India
and we Indians are amazingly passionate,
I'm confused
confused about 'what I really want to do'
I'm currently majoring in business administration,
I don't want to do it anymore,
to simply put, I've lost all my interest in studies,
well, yes
there are times I want to become a herbalist, musician, entrepreneur,
dancer, chef and more to go
right now I'm in condition to do not want to do anything,
I don't like to get up from a corner,
I just want to read mangas, manhwas, comics, BL
But I want to become something
so that my mother can rest a while
I've seen her suffer so much
at night when she comes, I see a this line on her forehead,
I want to do something I want to become something
I want to make her happy,
Just that
I don't know where my interest lies.
I want to know !
Jun 2021 · 71
Indeed Jun 2021
what should I do ?
how can I make you smile again ?
Jun 2021 · 950
Indeed Jun 2021
Just give up on your dreams and die.

Indeed Jun 2021
taking the same path
I took 3 years ago
and it still feels like a dream.
May 2021 · 161
don't know what we call it
Indeed May 2021
ever happened ?
you're laughing and suddenly burst into tears ?
#sometimes it happens
May 2021 · 473
Indeed May 2021
would you end the world to save your family ?

family, huh ?

my father broke everything we had,
how can I break the world for such a family
May 2021 · 522
it's difficult
Indeed May 2021
oh, my dear life
please, wait
I'll just change my past a little
and come back to you.
May 2021 · 70
my legs have gone numb
Indeed May 2021
I'm so tired
walking on a same path
for more than 6 months,
I'd like to move on
but where ?
#social anxiety
May 2021 · 107
we ain't poets
Indeed May 2021
what do you all poets do, haah ?
do you feel so much pain and sufferings ?
whare do you get all those feelings ?
why ain't you speaking ?

I can hear your breathe
It's warm and calm

that's what poets do  ... understand ?
Apr 2021 · 326
Indeed Apr 2021
what happens when I mess with your hairs
what happens when I touch your slight moustaches
what happens when I accidentally grab your wrists
what happens when I caress your eyes
what happens when I twist your ears in ease
what happens when I keep my head on your shoulders

nothing happens
it's just my imagination.
Apr 2021 · 225
It has been 3 years
Indeed Apr 2021
I know I sound too creepy
because it burns my heart to see you smile at others
the smile you never gave me
you hate me that much ?
well, then
Apr 2021 · 84
Indeed Apr 2021
I saw

rage, hatred, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, betrayal, desperation, discourage..

in my family members
Apr 2021 · 55
Indeed Apr 2021
what are we living for ?
any purpose ?
I don't have any purpose to live
still I wish not to be dead.
do I have people who love me ?
what am I living for ..
I just don't get it
Feb 2021 · 140
thanks to HP
Indeed Feb 2021
why you keep rubbing your arms ?

I keep getting goosebumps.
I like hello poetry so much ❣️
thanks to the creators 🙌
Jan 2021 · 189
Indeed Jan 2021
I wish
my hands could write
what I feel through
Jan 2021 · 201
he is like a candy
Indeed Jan 2021
I like caramel
he likes too
am I gonna get cavities ?
Jan 2021 · 781
cherry blossom
Indeed Jan 2021
it's such a shame

you were in front of me

and I couldn't recognise you.
Jan 2021 · 83
Indeed Jan 2021
I'm a poet
but look
I've to study management
I hate studies
especially management
Dec 2020 · 116
Something good
Indeed Dec 2020
talking to a person for an hour
with whom you never talked before

is such a good feeling.
Nov 2020 · 236
Indeed Nov 2020
in this world
everything  is important
before getting
after loosing
Nov 2020 · 1.0k
Indeed Nov 2020
you should have waited a little longer
just a little longer
my day was bad not my heart
Nov 2020 · 402
Indeed Nov 2020
I do had someone

Nov 2020 · 112
0 courage
Indeed Nov 2020
my heart is made of stone
But it has a little moisture
I can't express my grief's and pains
but I have no courage.
Nov 2020 · 140
2 years
Indeed Nov 2020
after two years
I talked to her
who's she ?
my friend
who was lost making new friends
she said while hanging up
"It feels like yesterday we've met"
nothing changed.
Oct 2020 · 173
Indeed Oct 2020
midnight 2am





Sep 2020 · 129
Indeed Sep 2020
whenever I catch cold

me to God :-

oh god,
I know you love me
but I still wanna live,
even my hero haven't entered in my life yet.
Sep 2020 · 121
you're too fat
Indeed Sep 2020
Treasuring you was like

holding my world on my shoulders
Sep 2020 · 91
Indeed Sep 2020
I feel wor(d)th-less
Sep 2020 · 102
she is as thin as toothpick
Indeed Sep 2020
I'm writing a book

It's about a campus story
who would like to read it ?
will arrive on
Sep 2020 · 127
Indeed Sep 2020
watch the blood

                              seep from my soul.

I feel like black slime

                       dripping down my bones.

I become sick as I

                               watch you back away.
Sep 2020 · 70
Indeed Sep 2020
the biscuit I dip in tea gets soggy and falls before I eat it.
whatever I aim to throw in dustbin,
it fails.
the way I peel boiled eggs
more then half gets out with the skin.
If I try to cook something
it burns and even I can't recognise what I've made.
If I sit with coffee in my hands and write some poem,
unfortunately it falls on my books.
no matter with how much affection I carry a child,
they cry loud.
the day I deliberately want to have some non-veg food,
I come to aware that its Saturday.

am I the only one .......... having such a miserable life 😑
Sep 2020 · 788
more ?
Indeed Sep 2020
the more I try
                          the more I fail
Frankly speaking .... I've been under this circumstances countless times.

Aug 2020 · 142
( ◼ )
Indeed Aug 2020
I've waited too long
for this last page


I've heard everything
gets better at last
Jul 2020 · 85
pay me
Indeed Jul 2020
if I get paid for losing friends


I would be the richest person in whole ******* world
Jul 2020 · 292
Indeed Jul 2020
HE : accept my love !

ME : okay, I'll accept your love on one

HE : and what is that ?

ME : you have to laugh on my every
         bad joke.

HE : laughs

ME : I wasn't joking
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