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 Mar 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
I wish I could
Love you
The way
You hate me.
It is a challenging poem. Only sagacious poets could decode the unseen as well as the unknown. Need your wisdom to decode these verses.
 Mar 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
"What is life?" She said.
  "A sharp knife" I whispered.
 Mar 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
What is love
If your heart is dead?
What is life
If your heart is away from love?
Life is love
 Feb 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
"Accept me the way I am." she said
"I have already rejected my fate." I replied.
 Feb 2021 Salma
 Feb 2021 Salma
i cried everyday for you
i thought blue
was your favorite color
 Feb 2021 Salma
Andrew Gomez
“Are you okay?”
“No, but I have to be someone’s smile today.”
 Feb 2021 Salma
moon child
 Feb 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
Life is a long journey
Full of deep pains.
Hearts tied to chains.
Our heart is our secret well.
Hide and I will never tell.
Coz no one gets your tear
Or understands your fear.

I trust my heart
He is the first and  the last.
He is life and death.
My heart is my real path.
The day I pass away
He doesn't run away
He is buried
With our secrets
Trust your heart.
 Feb 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
It was midnight
  Heavy rain outside
  A crying heart inside.
  Both of us were wet.
  Before we even met.
 Feb 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
Some people die every second
A day.
still live  even after their death.
Their life has no end.
I feel out of breath.
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