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This has nothing to do with the Absolute -
     this idea of God.

In childhood, God was the loving
     Father in the sky -
Outsized, sporting a flowing white beard, and
     ever attentive to my prayers.

Now, God is an abstract notion -
     transcendent and immanent,
Infinite, eternal, and
     difficult to embrace.

But all of this has nothing to do
     with God -
All these continually mutating
     mental constructs.

- fr
I have poured out my tears, so I understand .
The hurting needs healed so very desperately.
That they have turn to the bottle or drugs here.
To take away the overwhelming pain they have.
I have been there myself in California to be exact.
When a woman that I cared about rejected me.
But still the Good Lord delivered me later from it.
He was trying to reach out to me through it all.
So yes I can feel your pain and am praying for you.
To be delivered of it and then healed of it too.
I still remember
The night we met secretly
Touching one another softly
It was so dark
Nearby dogs didn't bark.
We could breathe only through
As if we were under hypnosis
We slithered
It was a love melody
When near you I fear you
I hate what I feel
Like I'll never understand
just how to be real
This guilt runs deep
and I don't know why
but I'm always afraid
that you'll make me cry
somewhere in my mind
a carefree future we had
or maybe we didn't
and that make me sad
you always act strange
when I just want to be friends
You push me and pull me
the rollercoaster never ends
I just wish that I knew what you feel
so we could relax and let it be
but I think you don't know
what would you do, were you me?
One thing I know is true
It is nothing but clear
If we are ever to relax
there must be no more fear.
Love and Fear cannot coexist. They are opposites.
Sally's oven is on highest heat
Shaken and baking the meat, a treat
All the trimmings set forth
Her bird's a rising north
The game ****'s glow knocked her off her feet

Logan Robertson

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