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Our wants are what stops us from receiving our needs
Ability to overcome this evil nature we were all born with
My heart being tenderized occasionally bleeds
Then the warmth of the glow in God’s comforting sunsets calm all my inhibitions within

Sharing words from across the globe
Not really knowing the individuals state of mind
Sharing our deepest intimate truths inwardly we have been told
Emotions from either side sometimes collide

We do our best to keep peace backing away
Sometimes people need space because their world isn’t in the same wavelength
Time after time when the pain is gone the person is wanting your fellowship again today
Being cordial prepared with armor and a clear discernment we pray Lord please give me strength

“A single moment of self-communion, of love, and of the presence of God, will enable us to perceive and understand the truth, better than all the reasonings of men”

People all races colors and creeds have been brought up differently
God brings them into our lives for a seasonal engagement
Keeping conversations dedicated to react spiritually
When we can’t hold on to the limb we are hanging on to foreseeing entrapment

Letting go is our personal choice no condemnation
Peace is the main goal always to stay composed
Easier said than done when wildfires endangering our soul to vexation
Praying for the rivers to flow in and though the damaged relationship healing wounds that scarred over so many times exposed
tinhearts ~©️
Beauty is Love unfolding from within
God’s Essence trifolding
His Divine presence
Delicately woven
A touch of a gentle dove
God’s mysteries unspoken
Silence unfolds
In the twinkle of an innocent eye beholds
His Majesty
Love an imperishable gift
Our souls crave each day
Sing melodies that uplift
Revealing more Love in a Radiant way
Light encompasses
The palm of His Hand
Always reaching out to us
Love is His Promised Land
Our souls seek
Love simply
Jesus in thee

Love Simply isn’t enough

“The light of the eyes rejoices the heart, and good news refreshes the bones.”
Have you ever felt so alone that your loneliness takes over every minute of the day. Here I love the Lord so much and I’m the saddest I’ve ever been. My family lives too far and is too busy to visit. The culture shock of moving to Florida has been traumatic. I can’t eat  and solid food. I’m sick all the time. My love is so deep for others and I get slammed and it’s like a knife piercing my very soul. I love writing the beautiful words but it does not sustain me. I’m devastated
Love is not a word to say
Or a shape to draw.
Love is above words and forms
These are the new norms
Love me
Or love me.
If you have another alternative
So love me.
Cz your love makes me be.
It’s a ******
A ****** of crows
There’s a place in the forest where nobody goes
No sun only darkness, no moon casting light
In the grove where he gave her his ring
No more shall sweet nightingales sing
Black shades in the night
Black shadows in flight
It’s a ******
A ****** of crows

It’s a ******
A ****** of crows
The roses are fragrant, the night velvet blue
She gave him her heart, an oath to be true
He gave her his darkness, stole all her dreams
A flapping of wings and no more is she seen
No-one hears her cries
With the night bird she flies
It’s a ******
A ****** of crows

It’s a ******
A ****** of crows
Black birds the demons, death in their wings
Taking his love to an unholy nest
Devouring the maiden he’d held to his breast
Cast aside, foul and bloodied his bride
Now he’s half human half crow, gone his pride
Wings outstretched no love by his side

It’s a ******
A ****** of crows
The problem with being poor is;
If money buys happiness I couldn't afford it.
Money makes the world go 'round so I'm at a stand still
because mothballs and lint don't pay the **** bills
Maybe if I had more I would still be a mess
but I don't think I'd be better off with less
I wish my two cents was worth more
but I'm really just a dime a dozen at the dollar store
I don't mean to sell myself short but I've been short changed before
I think I need a change of mind
I've heard that change makes sense
But all these nickles and dimes
aren't going to pay for the rent.
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