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 Jul 2021 Salma
I no longer have to
keep them chained
now my demons are
angelically tamed

I’ve no need for a smoke
no drink nor poke
Ya see…
I’m not like most folk!

I believe
and so I am
happier then
I’ve ever been!!
Trader Tim
Do we need a reason to be happy?
I don't I just am!!
It's Friday
believe it or not
and some like me
believe it a lot.

and it's raining
which is a pain in
the fundamentals,

I was going to say ****,
but the word fundamentals
is underused.

I think that I'm peaking
just as the weekend is looming
ah, but happiness is just a room in
the greater joy.
 Jul 2021 Salma
No Matter
 Jul 2021 Salma
This age
         Of the end justifies
  The lie and reality
        Is what you say enough
              Loud  proud
No matter
 Jul 2021 Salma
Paradise of Fools
‘Tis a strange sorrow
‘The language of hymns’
from an avant-garde cellist

Breaks your heart to hear it!
 Jul 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
Life is nothing
But a fake dream.
Everything is fake
The day you wake up
You find nothing to take.
Every day is a new fear
A can of beer
Might wipe your tear.
A bottle of whiskey
Makes your dreams less risky.
Every day we hide our pains
Between the winds and the rains
Life is a deep sigh
at the end
They will tell you
Huh! My life is the worst lie.
As my dreams were soft
No one of them
Could be understood even by a cockroft.
Life is fake
For God's sake
Stop telling me
Tomorrow you will be.
 Jul 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
Not every journey
has a final destination.
We lose our destination
The day we meet our destiny.
My journey is full of expectations
And none of them is my destiny.
 Jul 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
        Is the mother
                 Of literature.
 Mar 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
One day
We cry our yesterday.
We cry it
Cause we miss it.
Too late to cry.
 Mar 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
A closed door is sometimes
Much better than a fake open gate.
 Mar 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
I suddenly turned back
When I smelt
The scent of your perfume
My bad luck
It was a jasmin tree
Has your soul dwelled that tree?
We lost our way
But your perfume has made my day.
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