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  Jul 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
Not every journey
has a final destination.
We lose our destination
The day we meet our destiny.
My journey is full of expectations
And none of them is my destiny.
Salma May 2021
I almost forgot how crying felt like,
In an abnormal night,
Some water fell from my eyes
It looked like tears
Who am I to guess if they were?
Salma Apr 2021
I remember those car rides with my aunt
When I was 6 and refused to fall asleep
She'd loop around the silent night streets
And then I'd block out
And wake up next morning in my bed
  Mar 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
One day
We cry our yesterday.
We cry it
Cause we miss it.
Too late to cry.
  Mar 2021 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
A closed door is sometimes
Much better than a fake open gate.
Salma Feb 2021
What he loved about her was that she was full of life
Little did she know
That he was fantasizing about death
  Feb 2021 Salma
i cried everyday for you
i thought blue
was your favorite color
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