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Salma 5d
Even if I have no heart left
To love you with
I will love you
With all the left pieces
They say love comes at the most unexpected times
They say
The wrong person finds you in peace
And leaves you in pieces
The right one finds you in pieces
And leads you to peace

So I hope you're the right person
In this world
And specially these days I'd like to find peace
In anything
Like I found in your half-moon smile and the stars in your eyes when you look at me
  Feb 16 Salma
Naceur Ben Mesbah
Life is a tragedy
Man is its melody
Make of your life a victory
And stop looking at their misery.
We live once
They die twice
Never regret being skint
Money and power
Won't make you a Saint.
Their power is fake
Our love is a world lake.
Salma Feb 4
'Love takes your breath away'
They say
But I've never thought it was so literal
At least I know something new.
Salma Feb 3
Friends are just life lessons
Learn from your human-like mistakes
Don't let them let you down
But you know
Even if you've been stabbed
It's only a reason to learn a new thing.

The only friend I have that will never hurt me is me.
Salma Feb 3
Is it possible to stay silent and alone for a moment with no one asking what's wrong?

Is it possible to have someone asking "what's wrong" and my answer is other than "nothing"?

Is it possible to just talk to whoever I want to and get away from the others?

Is it possible to just be myself?
Can I just be myself
Talk whenever I want to and have no one asking if I'm depressed or sad or mad about them
I'm not necessarily mad but I don't want to talk
Can I just be anti-social
Yes it's not the old me
But I'm a new me
I love myself as I am
And I want people to understand that I'm not the same anymore
That's why I've been avoiding almost everyone this period
  Jan 31 Salma
Sally A Bayan
* * *
* *

Faces of friends, of people i met earlier
are  glittering stars on this late evening's
dark blue sky...their smiles are tattooed
in my mind...they're  hunched, going
lower by the days...slowed down by years.
it must be hard and painful...the arching,
the drooping of the neck, the curving spine,
they endure all, 'til each day's end...they rise
each new what they still can do,
lest they stagnate in their aging ponds,
diminish to a state, where food, pills, or
forgotten information are forced on them, drugs, injected into the veins

these wee hours bring back the years...
they  have been good...never mind the
hard times...there were, there are good ones
life is a long, wide stream of changing hues,
flowing on and water bears the
colors each new day brings...gray, at times
with sadness and gloom....other days,
blacked by despair...some summers, red,
roseate with glee, or green with life and, when trust is spilling, and
the tranquil sea and sky overwhelm,
with a promise of stability..........white,
when accepting......the unacceptable...
the amber grains and i, are alike
ripened enough to be plucked
be pulled out from an existence...the
signs are known...shown...yet, i wait
for when it is due to happen...and while
waiting, the stalks sway, play and dance  
and enjoy the sun and wind...and i,
while i still can...walk, jump, climb hills
and valleys in this mammoth space
of land and water.............called life
the sounds of my days, i still hear,
i am a lute, a harp, a cello...playing
off-key.....out of tune at times,
my strings are my graying hair,
i still can't stop dying the gray
i still want to highlight the dark,
but, one day, all these will cease...
one night, my face will be in one of those
many stars...glittering on a dark blue sky
sending a smile, to my loved ones...
there is no other way, but forward
all are headed....towards an end...


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
      June 26, 2018
...ahhh, the make us reflect longer on life...
Salma Jan 30
Everything's under controle
And then you loose it.
You can't cry,
But you're eyes are burning
You try to escape
Stay alone for a second
But have a flashback
Of what happened
And you're out of breath
You loose your self controle
But try to be stronger
Try to not feel alone
At the moment you most need a friend
But you have to be strong in front of them
"I'll never let them see the worst of me"
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