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15/F/India    My poetry is a show of my emotions Live free Live young
50/M/Auckland, Auckland, New Z   
The Burgh    "Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe" JL
Patrick Kennon
28/M/Austin, Texas    Wander, my stuff don't make much sense, but I want yall to hear it <3
Sarah Clark
32/F/Reno, NV    Chop chop!
30/Pangender/Salt Lake City, Utah    TIME traveling Robot ... Spirit Of Bumblebee
Jme Love
40/F/Deep Down    Im living to love. It beats dying to hate. Im not trying to get rich im not looking for fame. Clearing my mind one poem ...
F/Behind the screen    A random 12 year old who enjoys drawing, writing and reading and should probably get a life. There isn't anything really interesting about me, since ...
54/M    I am a van driver from Essex, where I live with my wife and three grown up children. I write and take photographs for my ...
Casey Thomas McClain
40/M/Rio Linda, CA    I am a freelance photographer. My photography is better than my poetry (in my opinion), it can be seen at: God bless, and take ...
122/M/Sequestered    "Seek and ye shall find." Matthew 7:7 Joined: 17 September 2012.
M/Port Melbourn, Australia.    Most of my poems are fiction. Write in the first person so I can empathise with the less fortunate. My tumultuous life is used for ...
Aladdin  Aures H
29/M    All Rights Registered®©️/ I Speak : English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Berber, And Algerian, Feel Free To Talk -My Instagram : aladdin_aures
Jayne E
F/New Zealand    Hey hey! From New Zealand fair shores, originally from the UK, soon to relocate to the U.S.(California), but for here, for now, sharing my life ...
21/F/the unknown    just a person letting words surface that are boundless to my emotions
Ray Jordan
M/Wherever life leads    Poet, Artist, Musician, Songwriter, Dadaist.
BJ Donovan
70/M/Charlotte NC    I'm a quilt sewn from small pieces of myself that each of you has touched.
Logan Robertson
Anchorage    If a person isn't endowed with riches, beauty and such it's best that person stretch what he does have
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