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Aug 2021 · 65
Happy #56
Tshepo mashiane Aug 2021
Convenience is the killer of willpower.
Aug 2021 · 347
Happy #57
Tshepo mashiane Aug 2021
Everything that you've ever desired lands safely on your hands... then satan strikes the mind.
Nov 2019 · 5.9k
law 9: understand creativity
Tshepo mashiane Nov 2019
Creativity is more of a broader subject than what we think. Creation is the final product but always fear the dangers of not knowing what goes into creation.


They say true knowledge is realisation, but realisation is the argument of what you already know.
One can't be creative if one can't view a subject differently from it's Natural form. It's dangerous to have alot on your mind and nothing in your heart.

                        why is it critical to view things differently?

The more differently you look at something the easier it is to acknowledge and express it's significance.
If you cannot feed an original concept with possibility then that original it's burdened with stagnation.
A solution is a problem that has evolved. Lets get poetic about mathematics, in mathematics you won't be successful if you look at problems in one direction hence why they are so many formulas that can solve a single problem. Just like a formula a problem is created as well. Mathematics can train a mind to be creative because math always encourages a different approach. Creativity is the "how" in everything, any mathematician will tell you that most complicated problems can be solved by using the lightest solutions and this is always achieved by looking at problems from a different perspective.
Treat you concepts like mathematical problems and you will reek untold creativity. It's always easy to view things differently when you appreciate them, even criticism is lethal.


When an individual grows up like most great artists, isolated from society, they grow up with their own perception of the world or life in general. Whatever these individuals create feels and looks like it's from another planet-this is just a way of showing you that creativity comes naturally to all of us. The dark arts involve locking yourself up in a room that has no words written anywhere, no sign of a letter or anything that resembles an alphabet, then start walking around the room looking for words, this method is powerful beyond words.

          The truth about us people

If we were all aware that everyone is capable of creating a masterpiece but the main problem with alot of us is not how we view things, the problem lies with how we view creativity. The closest thing to creativity is not art, The closest thing to creativity is relatively and lucky for all of us our minds are machines of comparison. Metaphors, puns, similes' and rhyming are all based on relativity but funny enough these literature tools are perceived to be unattainable or difficult to come up with and these aspects make up your final piece. With relativity we can all understand connection-the cornerstone of creativity.
Relativity doesn't disturb the natural flow of our minds. for instance, when someone makes an example with two things you never thought to have a connection, what they're basically showing you is a link. Connection is key and with proper connection discords are eliminated because Everybody is creative but not everyone is sublime with their creativity. Technique is the master of all  connection but technique depends so much on calculation so if you can figure out a way to calculate,then how close are you to perfection?
Analysis is key to understanding complication.
As the bible states "imagination is stronger than willpower".
                    A BLANK PAGE

A blank page doesn't seem to have anything on it, It actually has what we human beings are inspired by whether it be in objects or people...potential. A blank page could be anything you set your mind to. If you are to truly understand the resistance that's been stressed about in previous laws, you would have to think about simply looking up in the sky. Usually when you look up in the sky you not really looking for anything, but subconsciously you are looking for serenity. In this moment there is no resistance, when you look at the clouds they usually resemble an object and this is because you don't resist to see anything, you literally let your mind lead to your thoughts and in this fashion there's no disturbances, so then you reach your state of creativity- seeing things to be something else. Your mind wonders what those clouds could be and everything flows harmoniously. In essence don't think about your idea just think what you idea could be.


Never use any drug for inspiration, these laws aren't meant to mislead People into  life of hardship and self-destruction. This may seem to be the quickest route to your creative zone but this method will damage your brain in the longest run. We all strive for a masterpiece but getting yourself drugged up for a piece of art is total injustice to your health.
We have to understand that we can't all be inspired by the same thing or be inspired in the same way, think about whatever inspires you when you create. If it's an object then place it right in front of you...if possible.
However there is the ultimate driving force...AMBITION. Ambition is the most powerful tool you'll ever come across, what are goals and dreams if there is no ambition?
This tool alone can overcome the odds stacked against you. In fact what separates a good writer and a great one is not talent or intellect, it's ambition. Art is the possibility of everything in anything, with ambition you will became a better writer everytime you create something new. All of this can't be a myth because we all know the power of ambition.
Nov 2019 · 11.9k
law 8: understand art
Tshepo mashiane Nov 2019
Understanding art takes more than just knowing different styles of art. To know and understand art you have to unlearn everything you know about art because what you know as "art" is through someone's eyes (the artist). To unlearn art is to see art through your own eyes. Most of us know how to learn but it's only a few that know how to unlearn. Art represents freedom but it's impossible to understand this if you cannot unlearn everything that you consider to be art.
NB: Different types of species cannot view the world in the same way but they see the same thing.
Similar to seeing beauty, when you learn art you will know where it is...unlearn art and you will see it everywhere.

             why should you unlearn?

Everyone has idols and that's beneficial when it comes to inspiration and motivation. Don't you ever wonder why those idols dropped their then idols after they found their own style? The importance of knowing what art is will make the all the difference in the success of your end product.
The best way to explain this is to view art at as you would view water.
Let's state a few things that water can achieve.

• water can turn to ice
• water can be a gas
• water can run turbines
• water can be a coolant
• water can be a catalyst
• water can purify
• water can clean
• water can bread sports
• water can be a silent
• water can be loud
• water can be strong
• water can be weak
• water can give life
• water can ****

Let's be honest that's just learning the capabilities of water but if we had to know what it truly is then we have to consider it's basic and natural form...the liquid phase. In a nutshell it's just water. LIKE WATER, ART IS THE POSSIBILITY OF ANYTHING IN EVERYTHING.
          Art can be:

• angry
• happy
• sad
• argumentative
• accurate
• inaccurate
• abstract
• confusing
• personal
• futuristic
• simple
• complex
• subjective
• life saving
• mystical
• obvious
• technical
• obnoxious
• judgmental
• destructive
• depressive
• persuasive
• violent
• seductive
• cold
• warm
• rebellious
• brave
• an obsession
• a delusion
• cunning
• nostalgia
• deceptive


        Attainable art

Art that is easily relatable to is attainable art, this is the type of art that focuses on what art can be.
The feel and texture of this art is very personal, so this art is solely based on what you as an artist think of art.
This type of art has limits.

       un-attainable art

Art with no boundaries, no fear and no doubt. It's not personal it's just the sheer appreciation of art. this type of art is created by those artist that think with their hearts.
This art is unattainable, it can't be possessed despite the concepts its been laid on, it's the highest form of art.
Unattainable art teaches us that the best craftsmen and artists have appreciated not just their own craft but art as a whole.
We appreciate art, art appreciates creativity, creativity appreciates detail, detail appreciates patience, patience invites serenity.
This Art serves as a uniform tool for realization, " I never thought this object or place could be seen in such a great way".
This art is what we call a masterpiece. Appreciation of art is serenity seen through many forms, but what is appreciation without any element of joy?. You can only have joy when you appreciate life.
Anyone can ****** happiness from another but joy can't be taken because if you appreciate life, you have the best gift in the world...TRUE HOPE.
when water is at serenity you can feel it breathing in the midst of silence.
To appreciate life without being alive is stupidity!
Nov 2019 · 136
law 6: admire beauty
Tshepo mashiane Nov 2019
Admiring beauty is the first step in acknowledging art.
when you are obsessed with beauty you will see it in the obvious places but ounce you admire and appreciate beauty you will see it everywhere.
Everything has beauty...ounce you understand this you will be patient in seeing what makes or what can make a certain thing beautiful, you will master detail which is the cornerstone of crafting a masterpiece.
Most masterpieces are just a discovery of beauty in something odd or what we primarily perceive as ugly.
Nov 2019 · 130
law 5: write about anything
Tshepo mashiane Nov 2019
Write about anything you would like to write about because we mostly like what we desire and this is all driven by emotion and in the creative writing process emotion sets everything in motion. Have you ever wondered how most people became writers? Most of these people were facing overwhelming emotions whether they were positive or negative these emotions were so powerful they needed an outlet and writing was the answer. The power of these emotions overcame the resistance so easily that their brains had no choice but to come up with masterpieces and when it was all done and dusted  these people gazed at what they have done then they appreciated and then curiosity found it's way, "am I capable of doing this again?" then the journey began.
Since we live in an era ruled by critical thinking, we don't have to wait for a tragedy.
write about the unordinary and  train your mind to flow naturally without any disturbances. this is the route most people that you call  "geniuses" have taken.
Nov 2019 · 321
law 4: rules are rules
Tshepo mashiane Nov 2019
How can one be creative if one does not know the rules?, building a proper foundation is necessary.  
Rules are not there to marginalise your creativity. When a child is put in a walking ring the child learns  how to walk PROPERLY! first.
Learning as many aspects as you can about literature because this will nature your creativity to work in your favor, not against you. Never be mislead by clichés like "break all the rules", just be encouraged by them because first of all you would have to know the rules in order for you to break them.
No matter how unconventional your ideas are, for perfect execution you need to be technical and what is technique without rules?
The golden rule is to read as much as you write.
Tshepo mashiane Nov 2019
It's essential to learn the fundamentals of construction and the dark arts of destruction.


• Constructing articles, short paragraphs or essays in your own words is basic training for your mind to adapt to any type of writing style.
•BY re-writing and re-adjusting things is teaching yourself how to re-customize a concept without ruining it.


This is the fundamentals of anything abstract, the dark arts of finding beauty in loss. Taking something significant from a concept and replacing it with something that's sentimental or rather odd feature just to add a twist to the concept. Destructing a connection to cause suspense or distortion, this art art should be practiced after reading the ninth law.

The highest form of construction is destruction and the deepest form of destruction is construction.

    The truth about the human mind when it comes to creative writing

The human mind has alot of resistance when you start from the bottom even experienced writers can experience "the mojo" not being there. We should always bear in mind that these laws encourage hard work not hardship, so working with what is already there is more time efficient and this law has alot to do with connecting things - the true essence of creativity.
"creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something they feel a bit guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something" -Steve jobs

       The difference between an editor and a writer

• An editor is always a bit more technical than a writer.
• A writer is more artistic than an editor.
• An editor eliminates all the possible glitches.
• Creative writers tend to be delusional.
All these points show that its not all about who wrote the manuscript, it's just about who understands the concept more.

       What makes a writer delusional?

There's no such thing as a "stupid idea", that's just another of saying you ****, They're only two things when it comes to the final product:
• delusion  or,
• proper execution
We should consider that any failed idea could be made a success with proper execution. This required a fair amount of artistry and technicality.
Nov 2019 · 90
law 2 : obey music
Tshepo mashiane Nov 2019
Music connects us with our inner selves and thee environment, when we hear music we let go of our thoughts so they can be whatever they want to be, this lets our creative juices flow freely. Our minds become more visual, more expressive and most importantly more free!. In essence music has the power to overcome resistance  and when there's no resistance nothing interrupts your train of thought.
Always remember that poetry and music make your heart smarter than your brain. Research shows that the broca's area of your brain is used to express music and that specific area enables us to produce speech and that is not a coincidence because in the past music was considered to be a form of communication.
Music also improves memory, attention and mental development.

              Dangers of music
Do not obsess over this art or any type of art or any type of art because it can be a drug-a very addictive drug because it also acts on the same part of the brain as an illegal drug.
Tshepo mashiane Nov 2019
Talent has nothing to do with the journey of becoming what we call "a good writer",  reality has proven that anyone can become a good writer. ounce the art is understood then the performance will follow effortlessly.

We've all heard that cliché from every couch, "not everyone has talent but anyone can be explosive". I don't think anyone would be ungrateful if they were a fraction of a second slower than usain bolt-the fastest athlete ever. Remember that god created eagles but human beings created helicopters, jets and everything mechanical that flies in the air.
Talent is a phenomenon that's greatly misunderstood because people think a creative writer is a certain type of person that was born "that way", rather than thinking that's what a person becomes ounce they make writing a priority. It is very understandable why people feel that way because the main question would be..."where do I start and how?". The best place to start is poetry
                  Why poetry?

Poetry is undoubtedly the highest level of creative writing and the best part about this is that with or without experience anyone can write poetry. without following any rules.  This is extensive proof that we are all artistic. Any poem no matter how long or short it is, you can feel the emotion in it. Emotion is the basic pillar of creative writing.        poetry takes any type of shape, idea or concept. Ounce our brains register that they are no rules it becomes spontaneous.
Resistance is the main focus in these laws and this will be solved  ounce your done studying these laws

      A fixed and an un-fixed mindset
A fixed mindset consists of patterns that are hard to break, this is what causes the resistance that we need to break. This resistance makes it difficult when you try to express yourself using words. A fixed mindset is not keen on new ideas because it's set to a certain type of thinking that limits you not just artistically even analytically and then you wonder "where do people get such ideas?". A fixed mindset restricts your imagination, the heart and soul of your expression and eternity.
An un-fixed mindset is open to anything because it's responsible for opening up your mind. An unfixed mindset is more flexible around problems, it's more understanding and sets your imagination free. Ounce you attain such a mind you won't have any fear of failure and the possibilities are endless.
Jul 2019 · 198
Tshepo mashiane Jul 2019
Seeing you for the first time was a reality check.I turned my head the other way really quick Your braces were shinning to the max.

Seeing you for the first time made me hate the person who invented the watch, Because with such beauty you don't need a silly gadget on your wrist to remind you that you not getting any younger.

The idiot who invented the clock clearly envied Your effortless beauty.
You give me mixed emotions you make me hate and love at the same time.

you make me hate the people who manufacture shoes....because when I saw your caramel toes I felt like buying you a hundred sandals and I would make winter skip a couple of seasons.

You make me want to be next to you after Many heartfelt decades...for the first time ever a human face will beat the unequal hands of time, even after fifty years your spotless face would still be a great work of art.

A moment of honesty on a perfect carpet called grass made me forget about your beauty. The seconds  later turning to minutes were passing by and I didn't notice your beauty anymore.

You made me want to be a surgeon, not to temper with your skin but to take a sharp knife, cut you open and steal your heart...your heart is too precious for you to share it with someone else.

I write to express but I did not have words for that moment of the recklessly drifting time made me notice how many men have desire in their eyes as you hit the scene, I only stand to admire your aura.

I don't want to posses you, I just need you to infect me with your rare energy.
As long as you still breath I will wish and pray that you will always enjoy your days
Jul 2019 · 190
A plain season
Tshepo mashiane Jul 2019
Whatever turns to whenever after paint is applied to the heart. Can eyes really mentor coulors that seek a place suitable for art.

I want to change a plain season by repeating history so my tales can be "twice upon a time", I have an invisible mountain to climb...perfect moments leave trails of emotions in sync, I followed my heart when it was taller and bigger than me.
l could only follow without any sight of what is afar because my heart was too soft  to run into obstacle.

I could only follow without any sight of what is afar because my heart was too soft  to run into obstacle. At some very sharp and sad point my heart hardened and that's were I saw "forever" and "one last time" holding hands.

I want to win a plain season because nothing fades.
Jul 2019 · 124
Tshepo mashiane Jul 2019
I love  rain, I love It when it's dearly expected I love it because It is not driven by fear nor biased, it hits every object, truthful to its nature, it takes charge and lets us know when it's in town...with such cool humbleness.  
I love it, I just love it because it has a smell  
Of a fresh start, how coulors introduce their mild brightness in the presence of clouds. How I wish for it to read me a bedtime story...a story with only one word, "drop" .
A very simple and subtle way of showing us that the only cry that's destructive is the one with thunderous words.
Rain smells like victory when there is some gingerly blowing wind, I love rain because it cannot apologize for getting us wet, yet we are still upset, upset with some evident wetness of the meeting. I love it because it falls so hard, so deep...only to multiply.
I wonder if the distance  between the clouds and the ground ever changes or is it fixed like the distance between H to O.
The spirit of alive can it keep this liquid? How poetic to see tiny little droplets on a leaf of a tree.
The droplets in formation as I look out the window, poetry has no form  
And nature has the smooth audacity to prove that.
Jul 2019 · 340
Tshepo mashiane Jul 2019
No matter how strong you are one cannot simply out-muscle or out-shine a mad man who has great taste in fashion.  
A.M.G. Is the ultimate hooligan it doesn't have to take charge to prove it's tenacity because it's a presidential sedan that puts you in charge.
No need for a spooky entrance because sometimes demons want to dwell were there is brute force.
I miss the 6.2 litre engine, it is the intrinsic Moto of Mercedes," A big engine for the perfect gentlemen".
Cruising luxuriously has no peak when it comes to un-doubtable comfort and well established elegance.  With a classic loud noise one can't but wonder if the barbarian needs marketing.
An angry gentlemen with a smile on his face that never lacks in pace doesn't need frenetic footwork, the gentlemen goes straight to the point  and why wobble on about a winding route when Mercedes automatically includes you in elite circles. Quality that exceeds all levels of maturity, Mercedes keeps getting younger and wiser!
The phrase "numbers don't lie" insinuates that alphabets do lie. Really? How? When their associated with such class...A-class, B-class, C-class, E-class, G-class, S-class and so on. I think the numbers cliche is a turn-off.
Pleasure always mixes with business when it comes to a Benz.
Jul 2019 · 162
remember the horse
Tshepo mashiane Jul 2019
What you think will pull you off-course is the reason why speed is our cause a modern pony that encourages us to brag...gravity is proud to have pressed it on our floors, it's identity is what it truly stores.

Never dragged by the generation of emoji's, Ferrari has inhabited another planet of emotions.Why race because When you see our tail lights you always talk about making some "minor" adjustments on your supercars and we understand because a tragedy always seems reversible before the pain sinks in.  Going as fast as Predicting the future in terms of technology maybe the most foolish thing a person can do because when the time comes it would be an understatement to say "the future that never happened". But because in the future those predictions look so retro, what you would say is "the past that never happened". Now that's what I call A drawback, should we just wait and see? but with Ferrari we certainly know what it's gonna be....TWELVE cylinders in a V.
A car I would appreciate on a cloudy day, put on  some good perfume.Who needs a radio when there's 950 horses screaming in tune...LA FERRARI!. When you switch off the engine, the marvelous horse always whispers "I won't get rusty".
The epitome of Italian sports cars...a shiny  horse that represents the beauty in power. No need to fight for dominance because ferrari is the essential formula in 1, legendary drivers found a safe home in its heart. Always overcomes an opposing force with finesse...what a mighty horse, Ferrari comforts your thoughts on a highway.

So then the horse still looks forward with it's uninterrupted youthful pose. I will always!!! Remember the horse.
Jul 2019 · 125
That's not wine
Tshepo mashiane Jul 2019
When that t-shirt was not bright white
As you tried to explain what you said is tangled.
With some sense of an epiphany, I thought it was a fight.
You were utterly dismantled.

You said you fell of a chair while clinging to a bottle of wine
I noticed a fake smile so unlike your imaginary party mates I had  something to fear. Your shoes looked like they embraced a ***** mile. A broken watch like you would never serve time...i sense a very terrible crime.  "stop saying everything is fine".  I screamed to abuse your ear drums that would never be accepted by any my life you are banned, there is nothing musical about this but fingers couldn't stop taping the edge of the were not stable.
When I looked into your eyes they seemed like they focused on an object that's coming with high velocity
Whatever is coming doesn't look pretty from eyes that refrain from lubricating. Your shirt was filled with red stains and your hopeless eyes started revealing red veins but everything is okay? No sign of tar even when looking far there's clearly no way

The moment I could confirm that you did a crime was when  the officer kicked down the door and said, "you all mine".
Jul 2019 · 470
biggest obsession
Tshepo mashiane Jul 2019
A car that never changes character.
A master in going against the times.
Its high raving engine proves it's nothing close to an armature.
The legendary kidney grill never declines.
Ounce I heard that the iconic M5 is now  available in x-drive, my face resembled a wet cloth but as I finished reading the article...thank god there's a setting for the tyre shredding two-wheel drive.
BMW is a car that gives you a reason to stare, BMW lovers recognise the different models by looking at the linings...something rare.
BMW's so called rivals are always claiming they have"high tech suspension", but that's only on paper then the track testing starts. That makes you wonder how much do two faced women spend on makeup.
While other motor brands have "ambition", BMW has reputation. Its rivals are stiff in corners but the Bavarian beast simply drifts... Into position, clearly spelling out two words "no competition".
BMW doesn't exactly showcase the skills of a driver, it actually displays the behavior of the that ecstasy in motion, the real capture of emotion...nothing has ever been so close to perfection.
The roaring power produces a sound that is distinct, out classing a band that is full equipped. A luxury sedan that is rated five star but deep inside it is a sports car at heart. The kidney grill ensures us that even in a hundred years from a hundred metres we will have no trouble recognising a BMW.
Something we may never measures is shear driving pleasure. The only drive that BMW knows is dynamic and although the average folk might not be interested in the track runs which are always epic, he or she knows that BMW is the perfect remedy for traffic.  
Ambition is BMW versus reality.
Jul 2019 · 96
life of a dreaming loner
Tshepo mashiane Jul 2019
Cloudy as if the sky was filled with deformed marshmallows, that's when you told me it's the perfect weather. before I grew who knew I would be part of that crew that figuratively flew. Highly excited we really were, exaggeration of thoughts stuffed in me when I spontaneously laughed with hands on my chest  because I was cuffed by the high. That feeling was surely one of the best I ever had but I never was prepared for the days that defined Crockett. The substance created the ability to fully focus on a subject made it seem like the substance offered intelligence, with a sigh I never knew it was a lie before I wrote patterns that blew my high. Started as an occasional preference which came with memorable moments later turned to cliches when my lips constantly clamped joints which were on point. From a normal state to euphoria, I assure you I was very far from you. With time, stepping away from the herb just caused depression but I just missed a feeling of another dimension, in deep presence it's just detention. Open field is a fantasy that had been experienced before my eyes pealed to the cage, can the fantasy be restored? My soul is aching every second of the day. Life of a dreaming stoner...wish I could be crushed down to sand so I can snip through any slightly open way, the desire to blend as I glance at the future and a ask if there is any chance? The only  thing that is getting shorter is my wingspan.
Pain becomes food for my heart and joy is scarce like sharpened objects that are confiscated. Thoughts are very dismal, these are thoughts of a prisoner. Soaked so much my personality faded...i don't recognize myself anymore, it's like some RANDOM guy came forth. Life gets harder than nods which I need to hang on these slippery rods. Patience drawn to my eyes, let it show me black and white, a compliment to the colour upper movement of my eyelids 2am in the morning, a heavy sight of blurry black, thinking of my destination is the complicated "when?" at 3am. In the darkest hours I'm frustrated at my lighter as I try to hit a blunt and all I get is a spark. I had no idea dreams could cause social hibernation. Wonderful words exchanged in a group chat, parks are now thinking places of dark. Fact is words from society are trapped in a net, dogs bark...i never hear a sound, am I stuck?

— The End —