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Apr 2019 · 825
I don't want to wish
Gabby Apr 2019
I don't want to wish we could be Romeo and Juliet
Cupid and Psyche
Eurydice and Orpheus

I just want a you and me
In this world full of fairytales
Let me  be your reality
I'm just thinking about her
Apr 2019 · 256
Gabby Apr 2019
I could compare you in everything in this world
You're a lovely red rose in my garden full of thorns
My Princess Bubblegum in this world full of finn
My sunshine when it rains
My dream
Just a thought
Mar 2019 · 273
Gabby Mar 2019
Her name is Anima
And she's not Maria Clara
Nor mia khalifa
She's a girl with class
She's so sensitive like glass
And when she reply my heart beat is in blast
I don't want to rush
But everytime she calls me baby everything is like flash
Hit me like bass
I know this feeling will not last
But this is not just a crush
Cupid's arrow is just so fast
I try to run
Thinking the moon is not for the sun
This is like a game of guns
My heart is the prize
And who lose she will lost her life
I don't wanna lose
But just staring at you
I'm overdosed

— The End —