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Yasin Oct 2020
Heavy are the eyes that can't get enough of you
looking at her looking at me
Yasin Jun 2020
Today a tree was stripped naked
the autumn wind cleansed the streets from its gloomy expressions.
a touch
like never before
the sky is filled with joyous poems
for the unheard
Yasin Mar 2019
A man's heart is the ocean filled with many boats
but he only keeps one afloat
Yasin Aug 2019
I flew
Like a rocket
When you looked deep in my galaxy eyes.
i   i    i    i     i       i   i i  i  i   i  i  i  i i  i  i i  i   i     i i  i i  i   i   i i
i     i      i     i       i     i   i      i          i      i       ii         i        i
i      i   i       i    i   i     i  i   i  i    i  i   i     i i   i      i    i       i
i  ii       i     i    i       i  i         i     i   i    i  i      i    i       i
i      i        i         i   i          i        i     i    i      i
ii     i    i    i         i     i        i            i        i    i i i i      
i            i i     i
(the smoke under a rocket about to launch )
I tried Xd
Yasin Mar 2019
Fear is not telling you how much I need you because I'm afraid you won't reply
Yasin May 2020
I've painted a picture
with the memories of pain I used to feel when you left
Now the war inside me is over but I can't seem to sleep
Yasin Mar 2019
and in that single second
came an eternity of sorrow
Yasin Jul 2020
.  +   *    ★   *
·  .  ˚ ✷      ·.            .   *
       +      .            .
★ I never believed in magic but that changed when we locked eyes.
   .          .      .   *
 *   ˚     *.         ✷        .
      *      .    
      ★ .
Yasin Mar 2019
I always had a bad habit of not finishing my sentence because
Yasin Feb 2020
your lips taste like the poetry i wish i could write
Yasin Feb 2020
We could be the most psychedelic
let our love illuminate like glitter
don't fear
It's only a temporary feeling that'll drain out any guilty feeling or sorrow.
there's only one way out
I see freedom in your eyes and I want it
it's burning bright like the sun when it's melting into the ocean
you and me, nirvana
I can't. Wait another life time to get a dose of your presence
Yasin Jan 2019
With the wind, I run
with the rain, I sob
with the noise, I break
With the ocean, I take
you're the light I wanted to take but you choose to be dark
with the air, you fade
Yasin Aug 2019
Oh paled skin, you don't see what kind of love I have for you
The things I can't express I let my poems do.
Yasin Feb 2019
Every time
Yasin Feb 2019
Yasin Dec 2021
My darling
Our distance is a but an illusion
To you who feels pain
‘tis nothing but a pain of withdrawal from the fiend of my presence.
Yasin Oct 2021
Wash me with snow, hail and water
maybe then, I'd feel pure
maybe then, my cravings would crawl away
maybe then, my sins would sway away

and perhaps then I could unstitch my lips
and let out the years held of silence
the writing is difficult.
We feel so much
yet so little to write
so much thoughts but difficult to put in words
Yasin Apr 2019
My silence is louder than my screams.
Fear of being ignored again, so I remain silent while there's a clamorous riot in my head.
Yasin Jun 2020
The art of touch
feels like the galaxies colliding
where even in the wild
you feel safe
Yasin Aug 2019
don't know what to do anymore
Yasin Jan 4
'·. Something I wanted to feel
Yasin Jan 4
Being stuck in a loop of "I promise" and not committing to fulfilling my promises, longing for comfort but kicking myself to become strong through adversity.
Yasin Mar 2020
A woman in my heart
I feel butterflies everywhere
Yasin Sep 2020
The moons greetings have come to separate us
sleep well
Yasin Jan 2020
love can start as a small thing
it's so quiet you can pretend you don't hear it
but it gets loud
really loud
and you can't ignore it anymore

— The End —