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Yasin 4d
I keep looking for you
I look for you in everyone I meet
I can never find you
Oh you left me desperate for your love
it's affection
you're going to see it someday
my attention for you
even if it's not what you need
it's hard for me to soldier on when i'm torning
maybe no one loves you like I do
Maybe we'll meet again someday and give it another try
Yasin 4d
The venom in her voice makes me freeze
although she's a demon
she transformed my heart into a beautiful tune where the beats enter my bloodstreams and softly coloured lights.
It's like a dream
A good dream
You would expect her to be dark and cold but she's so warm and rosy
her love makes me float with the wind
i **** at poems ***
my mind is not cooperating well xd
Yasin 4d
A demon falling in love with an angel
of course he's going to go through these love torture
Yasin 5d
When you plunged the knife in my heart you bled too.
didn't you know?
Love is a double edged knife?
Yasin 6d
I always sit for hours thinking of words to fill in this broken poem in my empty paper.
As words rush through my head with the speed of bullet
I can't seem to catch any.
caught one..
Art is like the smell of rain which you can't explain.
but its beautiful!.
Pain full of art
Yasin 7d
Fear is not telling you how much I need you because I'm afraid you won't reply
Yasin Mar 14
flowers grew in the void you left
and it hurts!
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