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Elisa M Oct 2018
I’m so very sorry
that you had to fight
While I was here praying
for your safety at night
Two people so similar
the same DNA
Yet one had to leave
while the other could stay
I wish I could take on
the pain you went through
As the monsters inside you
so viscously grew
And therefore my brother
I want you to know
I’m sorry it was you
and not me who had to go
Elisa M Oct 2018
You brought infinite amounts of energy
even in situations
where energy seemed dissipated.
And to me you are like energy.
Because energy
can neither be created nor destroyed,
only changed from one form to another.
Elisa M Oct 2018
How can we try to predict the future
If we have no way to measure the current state of the universe?
How can we try to imagine the outcome?
If the mere observation could interfere with the result
No model of life can be completely deterministic
So live life instead of trying to predict it

— The End —