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Lyrics sink into my memory
Beat, into my heart,
Music, into my soul.
They stay with me uninvited
They mock me when I’m scared,
And torture me when I’m confused
Blocking out my worries
No matter how important they seems
They scream at the top of their voice
Without missing any dime of the track

Lyrics lures my mind into a lazy reputation
Sinking me deep, deep down into its ocean of scented water
Beats compels me to listen to the rhythmical sound behind the beat
Transporting me far beyond what I behold
Music dazzles the image in my mind causing them to multiply in tons
Thereby overcrowding my brain with maze of mystical ideas
Making it hard to marge up the mystical master piece.

Lyric steals my breath away
Music makes me lose my sanity
lyrics, Beats and Music makes me stop in my track,
And listen over and over again!...
Ah!... how I wish Al-Fruqon  will have the same wonderful eff
to the wonderful effect music gives me...
I felt it before he uttered it
The breath of undiluted love
Blowing away my fears and doubt
But leaving behind the scene of impossibilities

I knew it before it was denied
That some dreams are to be locked away
Despite the strong feelings
They are never coming to reality

Now that they are beyond reach
I nurse in my heart my blur daydreams
Hoping to go back in time
And make sure I lock away every possibility
some wishes, dreams and hopes would never come to pass, especially when you love the wrong one
Open your mouth
And let the juice of hate
Flow through them
Let it run through your vein
To every corner love resides
Let it **** the feelings of love
For they only bring heartbreaks
Let it **** the spirit of smile
For they only bring deceit
Breathe in the fragrance of hatred
Let it mingle with optimism
They only make you an advantage to others
Let it **** the spirit of rapport
They bring nothing but disagreement
Chew the meat of hate
Turn it with your starving saliva
And let it roll down your throat
this is the aftermath of a heartbreak...that moment when the heart turns to stone and no feelings can melt...

— The End —