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Nevaeh Lynn Jul 2022
Slurred words
Thoughts like restless birds
Inhaling the poison that
You know
makes him
Its okay though
An easieness blankets the nerves
Because you know how to use your words
He loves you , he wants you, he needs you
The idea of an idle  car
Being made to rumble
Knowing very well then
Not only him but others would tumble
You can’t let him leave
You love him, you need him, you want him
You reach out, tragic actions
And the poison starts to create reactions.  
Dizzy minded on the floor,
You have to block the bathroom door
He will die and its okay
That you put yourself as the price to pay
He reaches up
And removes the light
Its dark and you gulp, hearing the screaming
The slamming next to your ears
Its All you can hear between heavy breathing
Is its okay you won't hurt me
You need me.
The door flies open,
Youre on the floor
You can't let him leave
Angry and drunk
You plead  please
You know that car wont make it back
And that his  goal is to  Crash.
You grab his arm once more
You can't let him walk through that front door
He will die.
And then what are you? To allow him to lose his life?
Because you pushed him over the edge
All Because of one small thing
Offering an uber towards his friend
So hed be safe going home
So the drinking night could soon end
You hold on as long as possible,  
Because although  hes hostle
You want him safe,
Finally the payment will be paid
You feel the hands grip your skull
Pounding. Pounding.
Loud thuds
As your head hits the dryer
But you can't feel the pain
You can barely see
But its okay
He wont hurt you
Please not today.
Youre  dragged across the hallway
Hes 10 more steps nearer to the
You feel a pressure , it's okay
As the corner of the hallway
Slams into your waist.
4 steps nearer  to that door
To that vehicle
That he briefly  mentioned earlier
Before he drank some more
You hear a knock at the front
He hears it too
Youre at the stairs
Because if he decents
You know youll never see him again
He pushes  you once, you keep
A . one.  hand.  grip.
And he pushes you once more
But this time
You fall backwards,
Down those  steps
Towards the floor.
Your ears are ringing
Its okay
When you look up
Hes not fazed
He went to the room
Hes safe for today
His life costed your mind
A fitting price to pay.
You answer  the door
Its police
Luckily they didn't see you just roll down
Or your bruised  knees.
You make them leave
Because he keeps screaming
Let them near and
Then theyll be bleeding.
You can't make things worse,
you already have
Maybe someday you can shake this off
Maybe laugh.  

Hours pass, and youre outside his room door
Begging on the floor
Let me in im sorry
Please  I just wanted you
Youre allowed in, and greeted with a knife
That isnt him, not in those eyes
You lay in bed as you watch him sleep
You wonder,
Did you deserve this,  because you couldn't let him
You stay awake, scared to not have
Your eyes Wide
Because you already know
That he has that knife.
Morning comes and your body hurts
But nothing compares to the empty
Please look
You beg, to see some sympathy for
What he did, so sim-pl-y
He sees  the purple, the black, the blood
But its like it was swept under a rug
"What do you want me to say"
Nothing. Everything. Something.
Its too late
If I have typos  I dont care
Nevaeh Lynn May 2020
She holds her throat but that's not enough
She can't hold it in
The black still seeps from her.
Her mouth, her nose, upon her skin  
She's really fearful now
Trying to hold it in
But obviously that's not enough
The keep the blackness in.
I'm struggling right now with depression, and sometimes my emotions feel like sludge that I'm constantly choking on. I made a poem since I can't draw
Nevaeh Lynn Aug 2019
She broke two promises and the payment was blood.
One to herself and one to him
The cuts sliced thin.
Nevaeh Lynn Aug 2019
I saw the pretty sights below,
The pretty people,
oh what a show.
I saw all the cars driving,
down the two way,
busy road.
I saw the edge of the building get nearer, and the goals in my mind
became even clearer.
The tips of my toes over the
edge of that ******
city ledge
I turned around
And squeezed my eyes tight
wanting my last thoughts to be
of the city lights.
I heard the whistling
as i fall backwards
From that drop,
from that high sky
City roof top
My mind started reminding me
of things that mattered
A little too late
as I hit the sidewalk with a
I fell from that roof long ago, but instead of falling to my death, that was when i lost my head. In all reality, physically im fine, its just those inner thoughts that are too intertwined.
Nevaeh Lynn Jun 2019
Clawing at my throat
I am.
I cant seem to breathe. But somehow
I am
I couldn't stop the crying but now
I am
And im okay
I am
Im not still clawing
Im not.
Nevaeh Lynn Jun 2019
It started with a small pit
A pit in my stomach
A gaping black Hole
And then it started with the anxiety
And then the uneasy feeling i cant shake
And then the panicking
And then the trying to not show
Emotions on my face
And then the feelings bursting out
And the silent crying
As if that hole in my stomach swallowed
Its not even my stomach anymore
Just emptiness
Inside this shell thats my skin and bones
What happened?
How did i go from
Happy and okay
To not feeling like myself
Like im not in control
And i dont know what's worse
Wanting to scream and beg for help
Or not wanting to worry anyone
And instead silently screaming
As that hole gets wider
And darker
And deeper.
I hope it doesnt consume me
I hope ill wake up fine tomorrow
I hope
Its 10:34pm. Why?
Nevaeh Lynn Mar 2019
She paused

             She thought

                           She died.
Not much.... Maybe a busy mind is best because if its not busy then you think. And Sometimes thinking too much kills.
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