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If Only you knew
The pain he inflicts on you
Hurts me
If Only you knew
How much I love you
He ***** her I saw
I hate her she thinks
He is dad.
u admired me
from a distance.
and when
were 2 feet away from
only then i had
noticed you
fell in love
with me
i miss my old school a lil but i dont have any regrets moving to a new one. Ive been more confident of being who i am now than i was back then
where pillow is replaced by your arms.
Where warmth of blanket is replaced by you.
Where fan is replaced by your breaths.
Where light is replaced by your love.
Where 'I' is replaced by 'You' and
'You' is replaced by 'I' and
'I' and 'You' is replaced by 'US'.

Things don't Change.
Mind Changes.

To Readers

Things are same, Everything is all the same you left.  It's all about how you look, hear or become aware of.

Perception Changes.
Interpretation Changes.

And that's make a huge difference in our lives.

-Pooja Jajoo
Night went under a blanket,
Where all I could admire was her beauty
Where all I could hear was my heartbeats
Where all I could feel was her breaths.

Don't worry too much nature does that to us, have fun, we're all in it together
just when autumn raises it's arms,
and the leaves start falling,
get yourself a cup
broom up,
have yourself some autumnal delight
The coldest night air
Seems no different then the
Space around the stars.
The mercury is dropping faster then we expected. It’s not quite polar vortex weather yet but the dry air and static warns of its approach.
  poet's words
are their



    the world
Did you hear of the girl
That ran away with her Lover?

Did you hear of the spark they caused
When it was all over?

Did you wish it was you?
Behind the curtains,
You watched as they lived out their perfect life..

I wished it was me
Hearts racing fast
Into the deep of the woods
Alone we are at last

Nothing can stop us
No mountain can block us
The rivers will steer us

I wish it was me
Me and my lover...
One minute i'll throw all care into the wind and the next i'm trying to get it back.
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