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16h · 37
flies hovered over
juicy pineapple pieces
go boys land get them
17h · 44
That 1%
They say 99% is hard work and 1% is only luck.
That 1% makes all the difference in your life.
That 1% decides the fate of your  99% hard work.
Ultimately HE decides to give you that 1% or not.
Behind every successful  person is that 1% hand of God.
1d · 92
People said that nothing is impossible,
So I tried to slam the revolving door.
1d · 55
Frog (haiku)
on a lily pad
mother frog rested and croaked
tadpoles grew hind legs.
1d · 42
Do Good
Kindness is free,
Smiles are contagious,
Hugs are plentiful,
Happiness is when you learn to give and forgive,
What are you waiting for ? Scatter your good deeds everywhere like raindrops,
Bring greenery in your life's garden.
I start my food with a pinch of salt,
Before I eat I say,"Bismillah"
After I finish I say,"Alhamdulillah"
The rest I leave to the digestive system.
That is Faith.
If you worry worry worry worries you.
2d · 56
a deserted beach
littered with storm's new treasures
washed up body too.
2d · 88
Dinner Please
I am back from work darling,
My wife looks happy today,
Something I am missing,
What say......
Today's a great day.
Here,love some pink and red roses,
With some hugs and kisses,
And some tulips too,
To say I love you.
Oh!Mama is here,
For you some pink and white carnations,
Before I forget to mention,
I got them on sale,
Your coat you asked for you will get by mail.
I love both my women,
Can I have my dinner please.
My wife and mum are used to my funny ways.I am lucky both of them get on well.Sometimes they gang up on me. Fun poem
2d · 47
My Love
I love you,
My love is true,
My love is sweet as honey,
Precious as money,
My love is forever,
Not an inch it can waiver,
When I say goodbye,
Please don't cry,
Cause that will be the day I will die
3d · 45
If kisses were candies,
I would come to taste different flavours,
What a mouthful.
If hugs were snacks,
Crispy and spicy,
With lots of feelings (fillings)
I would keep all for you,
No, may be one or two for me.
If your smiles were electrifying
We would have a complete circuit,
You ,me, the kisses and the hugs
Ohhhhh  ohhhh   ohhhhh ohhhh
3d · 52
on the mother's lap
tot laughs to see many moons
through the lace curtains
Through spaces in the lace he sees parts of moon and thinks there are many moons
3d · 61
Coffee Or
"Good Morning" love
Will you have coffee or
4d · 56
Nothing can make me cry profusely,
Only the image of myself in the mirror.
4d · 45
God asked me if I wanted a Ferrari.
I smiled and humbly on my knees replied," At this age you want to give me a Ferrari.You know it is low and with my arthritis it will be difficult for me to get in.So my grandson will use it.He will drive around town with his friends leaving his studies.
This will be a problem for me and my son.So I will have to call on you again and again in my prayers to safe guard my grandson whom I love dearly.
Dear God you work in mysterious  ways. Its been ages my family has forgotten you, busy with our worldly matters.We have strayed from the righteous path I
promise to pray on time everyday, give to charity and never ever complaint of what I have not got.I have woken up to your ways. Please no Ferrari  for me,only your forgiveness. AMEN.
4d · 58
Not Yet (Haiku)
he stared at the door
not your time as yet old man
smiled Angel of Death.
5d · 199
Not War
Make love not war,
Love will give you children,
War will **** your children.
5d · 32
The choice is yours,
not the consequences.
5d · 66
I have built a firewall around my heart so a virus like you cannot get in.
6d · 156
Things you take by force
will never give you happiness
6d · 37
Most Beautiful
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of all,
Like Snowhite your daughter is the fairest of all.
Look behind you in the mirror,
See a slight faded image of your mother,
You a copy of me but ravishingly lovely my daughter.
We are the blossoms of the same tree,
Each a bloom of our own time you see,
A reflection of the same beauty.
I may have wilted, my petals fallen to earth,
But you are a bouquet of flowers,each its worth,
A splash of colours,
Like a ravishing red rose,
That accent your beauty most,
Or the white dazzling daisies,
Which captures your  eyes that pleases,
Some pink carnation and yellow sunflowers,
Gives in you a glimpse of a sunset shower.
Your sweet smile melts heartstrings,
With a look of an angel kind and caring.
My Daughter is the most beautiful of all
7d · 56
Beach (haiku)
on the sandy beach
the waves whispered to the shore
tired of hugging you
7d · 40
She and I
She is my poem
and I her poet.
The kind and gentle beauty inside her creates a poet in me,
She beckons in me tomorrow's dreams,
Which become today's reality.
She is my rose without a single thorn,
And I have grown into her beauty and fragrance.
She is my infinite delight.
May 18 · 70
Cinnamon (haiku)
mum's new recepie
black coffee with cinnamon
good for diabetes
Try it.Cinnamon gives good taste
May 18 · 63
Crows (haiku)
on the window sill
two crows landed crying caw
good luck! cried mother
One crow is unlucky two are good luck 4are wealth 5 are sickness and 6 are death
May 18 · 73
Welcome Little One
Ten tiny fingers,
Ten little tiny toes,
Chubby cheeks,
Dimple chin,
Like grandpa's and his cheeky grin,
Eyes are blue,
Mischievous  same as grandma's too,
Complexion fair,
With mama's silky hair,
As tradition goes,
Family's small button nose,
Papa's  sweet frown,
And his boring yawn.
Welcome to the happy family little one,
With lots of kisses,huggies and cuddles,it's going to be fun.
May 17 · 153
in our small garden
between the rows of carrots
puppy hides his bone
May 17 · 96
Ring (haiku)
mother's diamond ring,
slipped in the rose plant's soil
the robin  saw all.
Mother was gardening when her ring being loose slipped into the soil
May 17 · 54
Be Me
Be what you want to be,
Not what others want you to be,
But, that was not going to be the case,
The truth I have to face.
I was a normal child,
With mild temperament, not wild,
Good in sports,love to dance and sing,
Above average results I bring,
The teachers were happy with me being a high honour student,
My parents should be proud, who wouldn't,
But not they,
Only complaints everyday,
For them the grass on the other side was greener,
My cousin's and neighbour's children were much better.
It even extended to my way of living,
That hurt most of my being
My existence,
Was I an object d'art or a puppet  in their presence,
Somebody they yearned me to be,
Somebody they could not be.
To be an extraordinary feat.
I cannot be their mould  defect,
My creator has created me perfect,
The way I want to be,
The contentment  I get to be me.
I hope they realise their mistake,
Better for our sake,
I am not their heirloom or property,
I am me and I have come with my own destiny.
May 16 · 93
Lose to Win
My little friend was obese and he refused to do anything about it,
He loved to play games and dare you to do anything,
So I said,"Lets play a game where if you LOSE you win."
He quickly agreed,
So I sent him on a DIET.
Lose to win is when you go on diet you LOSE weight and win
May 16 · 55
lovely summer night
went  for a long romantic drive
nice way to break up.
May 15 · 108
Not enough saving
still alive not dead
savings are depleting than age
life not good enough.
had saved enough to last me till ninety but it seems I am going to live longer than that and that puts me in dire situation
May 15 · 65
Stick To Your Job
Dear Heart,
         I love you.I know you mean well.But you work very hard.Yours is 24/7 hours job for 365 days non-stop. If something happens to you I am RIP.
         Don't worry about my emotions,my soul and my mind will take care of them. I know I am over emotional but everything is taken care of. Your job is to pump blood and that is very important  for me.I beg you to stick to your job.
                 Your dearest loving,

May 15 · 40
I gave him my heart,
He wounded it,
I gave him myself,
He wounded me,
I gave him my thoughts,
He controlled and wounded them,
I sat and reflected how he could do such a thing,
I realised the fault was mine,
I had made mistakes,
Those mistakes gave me lessons,
Learning made me wise.
I will definitely love again,
But such a situation  will never cross my path.
May 14 · 140
Close The Door
Before leaving him I closed the door to his heart,
It was leading me nowhere,
Now I have better things to do,
At least l can now do my laundry  instead of doing his.
May 14 · 25
Live for something
They said,"If you don't live for something you will die for nothing."
So I started living for delicious food,
My body shows something.
May 14 · 129
Go into the forest,
Listen to the beauty of nature.
The leaves will sing a song for you,
Whilst the rustling wind will break out into a sonnet or a ballad,
The trees will gossip about the good old days.
The onomatopoeia of the animals,
The caves will invite you for a sleep over,
The cliffs will whisper their secrets,
And even the rumbling, meandering river will have a story to tell,
In some chapters you will be mentioned in it.
May 14 · 62
Regret (haiku)
aunt died in a home
got more flowers than alive
her children's regret.
May 13 · 72
Every corner of mind is possessed by YOU,
In every corner of my heart lives YOU,
My eyes reflect only one image YOU,
My lips have only one name YOU.
May the Lord not take you from me.
May 13 · 83
The world is the puppet show,
Our Creator the puppeteer,
And we are the puppets.
HE manipulates us in the name of destiny,
HIS theme is repent your sins,
HIS villain is the Satan.
The stage is set
He manipulates your life story
He gives you chances to repent
i)Pray and remember Him,
ii)Have faith in Him,
iii)Believe in Him,
iv)Do charity and good deeds,
Satan is there to deter you from HIS path,
HE will create diseases,sickness and calamities,
To remind you HE is the manipulator of your life and to sin is to be aware of HIS wrath.
HE does everything  for a reason and what HE does not give HE redirects.
May 13 · 66
Spring is here to stay,
Makes your blues go away.
Birds return,
For some spring fun.
The grass is turning green,
Few crocus and daffodils  seen.
A mixture of sunshine and rain,
Nature's incarnation.
Through windows fresh breeze,
To clear away winter's sneeze,
A season of beauty,
A way to say,"Let's party".
My best season
May 12 · 117
My favourite day is which I spend with you,
My favourite story is "OURS",
My favourite night is in bed with you in my arms,
My favourite  morning is when you wake me with a kiss and a cup of hot coffee,
And my worst nightmare is you leaving me
May 12 · 53
Mother's Day
She risked her life to give me birth,
She fed me,
She clothed me,
She kept watch over me when I was sick,
She saw to all my needs,
Mom                         )    Dad
The principal          )
wants to see you.     )  Where's
Can I go sleepover.  )   Mom.
I need new shoes.    )
I can't find my bag.  )
Help me with my     )
homework .                )
It is always mother for you and only one day for her,
No everyday is MOTHER'S  DAY.
startled by the cry
on grandma's best rocking chair
neighbour's tabby cat.
May 12 · 78
At a clinic
crowded waiting room
flipped through some old magazines
a page of haiku.
May 11 · 80
Yes,I love you,
It's true,
Time spent with you is crazy,
But, you make me happy.
You joke a lot and make me laugh,
Sometimes I burst out in loud guffaw,
Around you I feel carefree,
No *******, no protocol, just be me.
You are different and smart,
I am shy and meek, we are world apart,
But, we vibe together,
One heart beat,soul mates forever.
May 11 · 139
Strong Marriage
Abide by your marriage vows
                  "I DO"
Marriage is 100%-100%.Give all you have got.
May 11 · 102
the morning rush hour
the bus conductor finds seat
for the lovely girl.
May 11 · 79
No Electricity(haiku)
the boy in masjid
came to charge his mobile too
dad had not paid bills.
May 11 · 55
What About Old Mum
sitting on cliff edge
he contemplated suicide
crashing waves woke him.
Haiku (12/5/2019)
May 11 · 68
My Fry's (haiku)
dad brakes suddenly
wails of fry's flying in midair
some land on dad's head.
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