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Broken pieces of love scattered everywhere,
A wrecked boat stuck in the receding tide,
A wilted rose stuck in a poignant love story book,
A box of chocolates unopened gathering dust,
Just can't remember whose story is it.
1d · 77
Like The Sea
His heart was like the sea,
With its storms of anger,
But beneath its depth,
Lay abundant treasure of love and kindness.
1d · 116
She was the fall out factor between me, him and our love,
It turned out she was his sister.
Don't come to wrong conclusions and make mountains out of a molehill.
2d · 85
sunset for moonshine
two souls as one forever
for me only YOU.
3d · 118
The fire in me I fan with your desire.
For me no more anxieties,
No more yearnings for things I cannot have,
No more complaints,
No more crying when alone.
I know many times I have taken a wrong turn,
Sometimes, unknowingly I have hurt others,
But God always forgave me,
He never forsook  me,
Now, I have made a wonderful exchange,
I have given Him all my worries ,
Left the rest to Him,
In exchange He has given me peace.
God is my master,
As is His will.
4d · 43
Lost Beauty
Everyday my neighbour goes to the beauty parlour to look more beautiful,
Who will make the crazy woman understand that a raisin cannot be a grape again.
4d · 431
Can't Afford
My heart beats for you,
I adore your smile,
I always think of taking you out for dinner,
But, I hear you eat a lot,
I am afraid my wallet cannot handle the bill.😜
5d · 139
I wish there was insurance for love,
First you paid the premium,
Then if your partner left you or you were betrayed at least you can claim insurance on what you spent on them.
5d · 36
Birth is like being shipwrecked to earth,
Learn to sing and be happy in the island of life,
Till the Angel of Death comes to rescue you.
6d · 42
I never understood  poetry,
And had no time to write a line of it,
But, Your betrayal darkened my soul,
And threw me into the realms of poets.
6d · 133
An Ache
When you departed for paradise my love you left an ache lodged in my heart,
An ache full of memories mostly sweet, some sour and a few bitter,
An ache that will only leave my soul when I meet you again.
7d · 49
Let Me Be
As salty tears tumble from your eyes,
Like the silver drops that fall from the skies,
Let me be your umbrella,
So that not a drop will drench you dear,
Safe,without any fear.
And when you rest at night
I will hold you tight,
Let my arms be your pillow,
With sighs my chest will billow,
Your worries hidden beneath it.
Still, as we cuddle closer my beautiful woman,
Let me be your parachute that will open,
To wings of freedom and happiness.
7d · 232
It's Okay
Yesterday the rain cried with me because you left,
Then the moon came from behind the clouds and gave me solace,
Whilst the stars tried to bring a twinkle to my eyes.
Jun 28 · 41
Let's meditate and quench the thirst of enlightenment.
Jun 28 · 43
Late In Life
I learned I should have loved myself first and foremost.
Jun 28 · 39
Girls simply refuse to go out with men who live with their mothers
But, have no problem going out with men who live with their wives.
Jun 27 · 68
You are my red and white rose full of passion and purity,
Let not the wind kiss you nor the butterflies feed on you.
I will still love you when you have a petal or two on you,
For you will always be my rose.
Jun 27 · 90
My anguished, depressive thoughts are thieves,
Stealing the joy and happiness in my life.
Jun 26 · 33
How I Die
No one is immortal,
Everybody has to die.
I am not afraid of dying,
But,I fear how I die,
At home fallen,
Murdered and thrown
My body rotten,
Days passing before they find me,
My body sent for post mortem,
My inner organs messed,
Before I get a decent burial.
I prefer to pass away on a deathbed,
Sick and in pain till my last breath.
At least, I will have my family and friends around me,
Praying for me,
Caring for me.
The priest will be called to say the last rites,
Surrounded by Angels,
Death by natural cause.
Jun 26 · 63
Don't laugh at everyone,
But laugh with everyone.
Jun 25 · 46
What Happens (senyru)
when love fizzles out
there is anger and remorse
there are memories.
Jun 25 · 44
I love to travel to collect awesome moments
Found in the beauty of nature,
As it changes its gowns every season,
A bride in winter veiled in white,
Or a colourful bride from India bejewelled in gold in Autumn,
Or with its amazing landscapes,
All captured in my memories and photographs,

Jun 24 · 33
Just Call Out
"I miss you,"
And my heart will come searching for you.
Jun 24 · 30
Dear Covid
Please go away,
Two metres distance is still there,
I want to hug my friends,
Roll on the grass with them,
Squabble with them,
Give cuddles,
Sit close and giggle,
Share secrets,
Swipe each other's  food,
Oh!how I miss my old life and school.
Mum still has fear,
You might be lurking near,
Dear Covid,"Please go away."
Disappear if you may.
Jun 23 · 114
I want
A cupful of your love and hot, creamy coffee in life.
Jun 23 · 103
At The Seaside
The beach was inviting,
A balm to my stressed soul.
The salty ocean air was impish today,
It hugged me and caressed my dishevelled hair,
It even tried to lift my skirt above my knees but I held onto it tightly.
The young white waves came running towards me,
Giggling and splashing sea water over my toes and above my
One large swell rolled me over and shouldered me under,
Drenched I played with the waves.
Soon I swam over to the bobbing boats to rest,
A seagull hovered over me before flying away.
Before the tide could recede I swam back to the shore,
I walked along the beach collecting shells which took my fancy ,
The warm sand was delighted to feel my bare feet. And as the sun went down the sky was splashed in peach and orange and purple colours,
The sun's warmth still lingered on me,
I decided to head home.
Jun 23 · 55
Every pain teaches you a lesson,
Every lesson brings changes in you,
To have some pain in life is necessay,
To make you realize the importance of being alive,
To live and not just exist.
Jun 22 · 93
My Birthday
On my birthday my wife and I took my mum to see a movie,
Then we went to the restaurant she loved to go when I was a child,
We ordered all her favourite dishes,
She always loved the sea so we went for a long drive along the bay,
Lastly we had icecream and  betel leaf  sweet paan which she relished in glee,
I have never seen mum so happy and glow.
It was the day I was born and that day was very special for her too,
As we grow older we forget the sacrifices our mum makes for us,
Thanks to my understanding wife I made my mum so happy.
Jun 22 · 63
Her sepulchre past knocked at my door many times,
But,I loved her too much to uproot her past and make our present tense,
Let bygones be bygones and build a perfect future.
Jun 21 · 110
I learned genetics from my mother,
You have more chromosomes of your father than mine,
You are like your father.
Jun 21 · 86
Happy Father's Day
kind and loveable
guiding light to show the way
i my dad's daughter.
Jun 21 · 36
If I love you
I don't love you,
I live for you,
I fall in love with you everyday,
My love for you crawls from my soul from different places,
Just as the sun rises to bring in a new day,
So does my love for you sprouts new strength and freshness.
Jun 20 · 145
Her ornate feelings for me gave me misgivings.
Jun 20 · 123
You can be alone in a noisy room full of people
Jun 19 · 46
get rid of trash thoughts
dust the cobwebs from your eyes
keep your dreams alive.
Jun 19 · 92
They Led Me......
I followed the clouds and they led me to you,
Then, they drizzled their silvery drops on you to say you were the one for me,
I opened my umbrella of my love to let you in my heart.
Jun 18 · 273
conceived in autumn
bundle of sunshine.
Jun 17 · 104
Is more stressful than marriage,
At least after marriage you stop pretending.
Jun 17 · 38
I Knew
I loved him deeply when common sense left my mind,
And I heard church bells ringing in my heart.
Jun 17 · 79
For me crying is an art,
And I have mastered it,
Mostly men fall for it.
Jun 17 · 78
One last slash on the wrist,
No more noises in the head.
Jun 17 · 52
Your Wealth
In old age your wealth is when your home is with your children,
When your children come home after work and ask," Mum how was your day?
Did you take your medicine?"
Wealth is when you hear the pitter patter of small feet playing while you doze,
Sometimes demanding to be told stories,
Sometimes insisting on going for walks or to an icecream parlour.
Wealth is when you share a kitchen with your daughter -in-law cooking for the family,
When you gossip over a cup of tea.
Wealth is when your granddaughter or grandson seeks your advice,
Shares their secrets with you and come to your room to talk.
And lastly wealth is when a family is united spending quality time together.
Jun 16 · 46
Hey Fly!(haiku)
before settling
on my tangy fruit salad
wipe your feet.
Jun 15 · 48
I want to be an autograph in your book of life.
Jun 15 · 37
Call me rain darling,
For I am falling for you,
And let me keep on raining,
Till I drench you in my love,
And the petrichor of our love fills every corner of our soul.
Jun 15 · 103
Family Bond
in front of the T.V
happy, laughing family
bonding together.
Jun 14 · 182
I had two trees in my garden,
A boy and a girl,
I nurtured them,
I cared for them,
I gave them the best of everything.
They bore the ripest fruits of knowledge,
Then came the storm,
And in the tempest both my trees were uprooted by their spouses across the ocean,
Never to come back.
The only thing left were two big holes in the garden of my heart,
Which I am still trying to fill.
Two things I learned in life,
Never have expectations,
Never toil for others.
Jun 14 · 38
Still At The Bottom
My only regret is I didn't take the chances I was given.
Jun 14 · 84
Your smile
was enough to drown my soul in an ocean of love under the moonlit starry sky.
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