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 May 2017 unnamed
Ryan Holden
Dark clouds,
Pollution fills air with dust,
Melted paintwork,
Cars rust,
The world is cold,
Hearts, brains and souls,
Full of mould.

Innocent animals die,
Innocent children cry,
The peaceful natural world
We once lived in,
Is full of death,
Heart break and sin.

I struggle to find a kind person,
The more I try and help
The more it seems to worsen,
If you're in doubt
About the life you live
Put on a smile,
Ask more and give.

For the world a bitter place,
So pick yourself up
An exception to the human race,
When you wake up grin
Share the laughter,
Eventually you'll wish
You did after.

If you feel times are tough,
Go explore, see the world,
You haven't seen enough,
Meet new people, meet new friends,
And fall in love,
Before your soul is caught
In a star from above.

Small children in poor countries,
Don't have healthy water,
But families go out and buy
A new car for their daughter.

With the world always spinning
Throughout the years,
All you're doing is sat
Shedding tears,
Just sit for a moment
Open your eyes and ears
It's not all bad,
When you've got family,
Friends and beers.
My final version of this, one of my originals but thought I'd go back and finish it :D
 May 2017 unnamed
Neha D
 May 2017 unnamed
Neha D
When the sun first shows its beaming face,
at the break of a blissful new dawn.
Your birds that exult with elegant grace,
bid farewell to the night that's gone.

Your flowers ornate your vast lands,
of your priceless treasures they boast.
The besotting Kilimanjaro that stands,
dominating your east coast.

You are home to the best precious stones,
the land of gleaming clear waters.
Garnished with skills and strong bones,
you are served by your dutiful daughters.

The soil that expands on your gracious vest,
the equator that cuts your enormous chest,
birds that bear your golden crest,
are a few ideals of your daring zest.

The treasured soil that fills your vast expanse,
the gracious finesse in your every dance.
From Egypt, to South Africa, Nigeria to Kenya,
From the stupefying Sahara to the beatific Victoria.

I love you dear Africa, The land of the wild,
This poem is for you from your little child.

— The End —