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Tommy Johnson Sep 2015
Consumed by the flames
By the flames

Start the fire, I need you to feel this
As high as it can go, I need to feel it
Light the fire, you want me to feel this
We want to see how high we can go
We want to be consumed by the flames

Take a risk, make a wish
Until then, stay cool
After this, you will never be the same

This isn't right, I close my eyes
Prepare myself for the falling sky
I caused so much harm, I don't know why
I've had my lows, I had my highs
I did my best, now I return
With a clean slate and a lesson learned
I've been mocked, betrayed and scorned
But now I know everything can burn

Consumed by the flames
Take aim
Take blame
Play games
Cause pain
Call names
Make claims

Suppressing feelings, I'm going numb
I can't eat, sleep or see where your coming from
I try to excite myself, lust and near death's never help
I accept death and **** life and the hand I'm dealt
I've ignored the truth, avoided responsibility
But it's in the back of my mind kicking constantly
Now it's time do pay my do's I'm through with tries
I refuse to come back with a consolation prize

Consumed by the flames
Be tamed
Break chains
No shame

Turn it up, let them watch
Turn me out, I can't be stopped

Nowhere else to go, carrying my woes
Turning into someone I don't even know
Just paying back everything I owe
I've come this far, so

I've come this far

Let the flames consume me
In vain
Fast lane
Life's strain
Left brain

I should have listened
But hear me now
Tommy Johnson Sep 2015
I exist in between the right and wrong, bringing meaning by any means
I want to know, do and be anything and everything
The doubters sneers do mean anything
And this going to be my battle cry

I'm using my full capabilities
Demonstrating my innate abilities
Pushing for power and possibilities
This is quality creativity
No child left behind, look where that's got us so far
Either unemployed, in debt or behind bars
So now we got nothing to lose
Blurred lines between accusers and the accused
One side speaks their minds
The others pour out their hearts
The fight, the fighting needs to stop
Arguing who deserves to be on top
I retire my title, my skin tone and my status
I lay back and wait for the world to find balance
I'm using my full capabilities
Demonstrating my innate abilities
Pushing for power and possibilities
This is quality creativity
The responsibility falls on us individually
       -Tommy Johnson

We all have some potential
To make something good or detrimental
We have determination to face adversity
And do it so brilliantly
Narrow minded "practical thoughts"
The look at us and think we're lost
I am the voice and face of wayward youths
And everything I do is the proof
I got gems locked away in my mind
I try to express them with what words I can find
But no words can express or do them justice
The actions of this generation must be trusted
All we have is time and energy
So lets make this the world what we want it to be

I'm using my full capabilities
Demonstrating my innate abilities
Pushing for power and possibilities
This is quality creativity

I will not bow, I will not cower
I will not bend to your struggle to power
Using your authority, throwing around your sense of supremacy
With your vicious tendencies harming those under your relentlessly
But I'm one hundred percent sure that we can all agree
That the games make us play are just a fantasy
And we refuse to accept you fallacy, with out sensibility
We leave our enemies and head off to our destinies
I know all the hardships I must endure
But if I stay true and pure
I'll get what I came here for
And gain control and end my eternal war

A lovely rebirth
Quietly inhale, slowly exhale
Time will tell
I am a being with many faces
Tommy Johnson Sep 2015
This is my desire, my single cause
I can't let it never ever fade away
I'd do anything and I mean anything
I'm going crazy
I could never forgive myself
It can't be all for not
This is mine
My precious time
I can't let it never ever fade away
It's my only shot to make it, I'll take it
I would never forgive myself

Sweet relief, can't even speak
It hasn't been reached, no not yet
The brow sweat set out for a conquest
Spread me across the hood of the car because "I looked suspect"
Outraged protest ignited by civilian unrest
Caused by unlawful ****** and arrests
I guess because I'm young I deserve this knee on my chest
Barking questions , being all threatening, patting me down saying if I got nothing to to hide why do I seem so stressed?
It's just another one of those days, I know I'm still pulling through
But right now I need something to make me smile
Or at least something to get this off my mind for a while
But that's reality, not TV
The fight to avoid fatality
They ask for respect but I won't
They see my detest I make it known

This new age rebellion has ushered in a brand new millennium
Chanting the hymn for Yesterday's requiem
So it's safe to say that we're making history
This is us just taking a few liberties
         -Tommy Johnson
They think they have us tunnel visioned stuck to out phones
Think they can turn their youth into drones
They think we can be easily bought and sold
Think they own us along with our souls
But now right at this instant
We're coming to the conclusion that we are infinite
Try to distract us with stimulants and scare us with payment increments
Then start to get militant because we're so insolent
When an incident occurs to the innocent and they begin to implement beatings with their instruments
Whether it be a gun or a club because their so impotent    
Then we become impudent and riot, then their fate becomes imminent

I want some **** rest and some fresh air
And somebody to talk to me like they actually care
I need a moment to clear my head , it's too much to handle
The pressure, the exhaustion I blow out the candle
I close my eyes and make a wish that it did't have to be like this
Because I feel like all these burdens will make me lose my grip
But then again tomorrow is a new day, it could go any way
I'll try my best again, like I do everyday
I wanna bring the truth to the masses
And equality to the social classes
But it's hard when they just harass us
So please, do excuse my crassness
But I gotta do what do
I mean what say
I say what I mean
I give it my all, I give everything
Because I want what I came for
The odd are in my favor
As for the consequences, I''ll deal with that later
And in regards to the haters and naysayers
Go do your thing, I'll say a prayer
It is what it is
And I am who I am
You can either understand that or you can't
Either way don't underestimate what I can do
Because in the end it'll say less about me and more about you
Tommy Johnson Sep 2015
You think seeing is believing
You think you're alive just because you're breathing
But the truth that you've been told
Is stale and old
It holds you back, won't let you move
To do some good or think of something new
Dark and relentless, warped and demented
Read on if this has captured your attention

So this is what it's like to be holy?
This was the vision that kept me awake in bed
The revelation manifesting itself in my head
I remember wishing so hard to wake up dead
But then a whispering voice crept up and said
"Why not turn your weakness into strength instead?"
It was like a gust of wind with a goal to embed
Me with some kind wisdom for what was ahead
But who was I? Some kid thought to be brain dead
Filled with guilt, shame and irrational dread
Always quiet, leaving my words left unsaid

So this is what it's like to be holy?
But now after hard work and humbling failures
I'm breaking down doors and busting up barriers
This is so major
After dealing with haters, traitors and jailers
Who gave me the spark, who gave me a reason
To go make my mark and fight for my freedom
To pick up the pieces and make something decent
To freeze all the heathens and either eat or be eaten
Or I could have become numb and go to the bottle
But I'm having too much fun becoming colossal
       -Tommy Johnson
Sunlight warming up face
They're bitter just taking up space
But I'm trying to start something
I'm not trying to be judging
But it's kind of touching
How I started out as nothing

So this is what it's like to be holy?

Above my head, I saw the dead dance
Put under a trance
A Gothic romance
I heard the whisper say "take a chance"
"It's the won't it's never can't"
"You must always advance"
And with that I made took my stance

So this is what it's like to be holy?
Tommy Johnson Aug 2015
First, there was infinity
Out of infinity came darkness and light
Which were divided into night and day
The light of day gave birth to the sea, the sky and the earth
The darkness of night gave birth to more

It began with doom
Which brought death
Caused by disease and old age
After living  life of suffering
Suffering from pain, mockeries and lies
Lies told by fakes who used illusion
Illusions to cause discord and fights
Fights that ended in war, ****** and ruin
From the ruins came misery
And from that misery came starvation
Which caused plundering and deceit
Deceit showed the way to defilement
The defilers began to harvest pride
The pride lashed out harsh criticisms
Those criticisms caused obsessions to destroy blemishes and defects
The path to doing so lead to lawlessness until all that was left was the choice to forget all that had happen or place the blame somewhere
It was inescapable  

Yet, all of that was only half of what spawned from infinity

The light of day beared the sky, sea and earth
Encompassing them was time and nature
Time held possibilities
Possibilities to create
To create life
Life full of love
Love full of live
And yes, each fate is the same
The start, the length of each life and the eventual end
But each destiny differs
The ebbing and flowing of order
The force coming from infinity
Binding all living things
To heal and to bestow gifts
Gifts of guidance
Of peace and truth
Truths that speak of joy and undeniable beauty
Encouragement and relief

But what is it that separates the two?
Keeping this world in proper balance?
The answer is us.
Look within yourself and see the infinity you hold
Destroy it
Then create anew
Tommy Johnson Aug 2015
The light that stays on as you try to fall asleep
The one that pours out question upon question
Until morning comes

The desire to take something apart
And learn how it functions

Follow yourself
Find strange wisdom
It may magnify the mysteries of life

So much time
So little time

Look at ways to think
Find one that fits

The cardboard cut out examples fall flat
Shortcut perspectives and left in darkness
The triumphant discovery of opportunities cannot be put into words

Unravel the fabric
Do not be afraid
The outline of you life may come undone
So you can flow and achieve balance

Create new cycles
Then disrupt them
To find your version of the purpose of meaning

Common sense becomes sparse
Originality is endangered

Things just be
The voices, the things you think you see
Leave you upside down in nonsense

Never stop questioning
Free fall from
You'll land on your feel, always
Then run, you'll know where to go
Tommy Johnson Jul 2015
I'm unsure of where I'm headed
I'm near the edge, I'm about to die
But, being near death makes me feel alive
This is such s blessed curse
Things are always upside down and reversed
The world's thunderous applause
Makes me feel like a god
Yet, I'm so unsure of what's happening
This is my choice and mine alone
So I must admit myself
Since I can't make any sense
And it seems that nothing helps
When there's nothing left to tell
No amount of support can stop me now
No words of love can calm me down
I'm so unsure of who I am
I wonder where I'll be in a light year
If I keep walking this way
Through time and space
I wonder where the world will be
If the Earth will still be here
If it will still be able to turn
And the people learn to understand
And take time to look and listen
And learn to love themselves
For everything that they are
And know that they're all stars
I'm so unsure of what the future holds
       -Tommy Johnson

Stellar eyes
Look at me

Stellar eyes
Look in me
Speak to me

For, your dazzle shocks my soul
And makes me feel like I'm whole
When you stare at me
I lose my grip to reality
And all the worries and the cares
It makes realize nothing's there
You rip my conscious bare
And all that's left is truth or dare

Gaze t me dead on
Tell me it won't be long
Before I can expand
And you can contract
Then we'll do it all again
I'm sure I have no idea
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