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Jun 2016
The inception of a thought comes from perception
From the desire to create and express
The purity is soiled by those who construct labels and boundaries
Causing mental spasms and aborted concepts

The years turn to months
Month turn to days
Days to hours
Hours to minutes
Minutes to seconds
Up until the split moment comes
Always moving forward
Framing your life, organizing it
You can look back but never go back
Death is unavoidable  
Progress is natural
Distractions must be ignored
And value must be found
Time is all we have, some have more than others
How we spend and how we waste it is what matters most
But if we so chose to be on the clock for ever are we getting the most we can out of this all?
Beginnings and ends, there must be more

Maybe the answer is as simple as inhale and exhale
Give and take
The bond between opposites that blend and create a balance
Is that what we call love?
Do we look for love out of fear?
Or out of loneliness?
Is it still love then or just something to keep us afloat as we drift?
Selfishness stalls the answer
In the end its definition varies from one being to another
But it should never be held over your head and demand your compliance
Threatening you with cruelty, that is not love

In reality
There are unanswered questions and unquestioned answers
Numbers don't lie apparently
And finding yourself is of the utmost importance
While maintaining enjoyment  through it all
Until you discover it's all false
And your self image
Your ego dies

You begin to separate yourself from the template
You find sense and logic in your self
In your experiences of trial and error
Reminders chime in every now and again
To help you sort through the nonsense
You become sharp, becoming less self-destructive
You know certain truths

Sacrifices are made
Dreams and denial
There are victims
There are those who run to the safety of monotony
And those who meet their cataclysmic ends prematurely
All in search for what we all want to know
Simple as that
Why does this life operate as it does?
What does it mean?
And who, if anyone can tell us?

Will it all be okay in the next life?
Or once we get there, will we wish to look to the last?
This is projected on to us through out our lineage
But only so far

Tommy Johnson
Written by
Tommy Johnson  New Jersey
(New Jersey)   
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