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Imortalidade vivida, perdida …

Anos passarão que as ondas do mar,
Aqui estarão para ser contempladas,
As arvores despidas, fustigadas,
As mulheres bem ou mal amadas,
As estrelas para quem tem olhos olhar,
Numa imortalidade vivida, perdida,
Com saudade sempre e intemporal,
Num mundo real e irreal,
Vivemos sem nos aperceber, que nascemos para morrer,
Seres imateriais com espiritualidade sentida,
Vida sempre bem ou mal vivida….

Imortalidade de seres deste mundo mundano,
Ricos, pobres, grandes e pequenos,
Nascemos e procriamos para algo amar,
Pois natureza terna com beleza singular,
Nos esquecemos que todos um dia partirão,
Todos os sonhos e anseios sepultados serão,
Sem dinheiro ou qualquer sedução,
Por isso a tua imortalidade sem compensação,
Todos morrem sem amor e comunhão…

Uns acreditam outros não num Jesus feito homem e pão,
Buscando a imortalidade não vivida na ressurreição,
Eu procuro e nunca acho resposta neste mundo existencial,
Para o bem e para o mal…

Victor  Marques
As ***** as a three balled tomcat
Very *****
Very full of ****** desire

You can fake that loud sound during ***
However, no need to fake that sound
With your first meal of the day
Oh so yummy! Oh, so hungry for that touch
So here I am as ***** as a three balled tomcat

What if everything were revealed about my whereabouts
Especially last night, was I somnambulism?
It’s time to get myself together. I was all over the place
I have to channel my energy today into something useful;
I have to stay soulful, I have to stay focused
I might be a night walker

However, If a man awakes the sleeping tigress within
He better be ready to calm its wicked, wicked ways
A woman isn’t complete without the
Amen, hallelujah, thank be to glory moments
As she reaches the maximum of her
Amazing, mind and body-blowing experience
I have to challenge them… did I lose my self-respect?

My midnight blue satin dress
Someone said that it’s a wicked, wicked tease
I know that it controls my every mood
Staying ahead of the curves, surveying the scenery
Swaying down the Avenue living dangerously
Down where the palm trees sway against the breeze
Here I am as ***** as a three balled tomcat.
but I can surely make the bad boys good for the weekend
My life will end
as a blank canvas
on an empty wall
in an empty house
in a street that no one remembers
I will fade into the endless black
drowned amongst
the many nameless
forgotten by all
who once swore
to remember me
I will lie dying
in a potter's field
with a wilting flower
and a first name only
I will never publish my words
and I will never show my art
And I will forget to leave this town
fading like every other here
who had big, but fragile dreams
I will always exist
but forget to live.
I want you to know
That you are here
In my mind,
In my thoughts,
Every single day
Deep, so deep inside my heart,
My fortress,
Your territory.
I want you to know
That, like a rock breaking the waves,
Firm I will stand
And wait
Until you... (I don't know what)
Not so clairvoyant,
You ignore what I said:
I always keep my rare promises.
None of them ever gets lost (modesty)
Don't underestimate my patience,
My Love.
I no longer cared about sweaty palms,
After I felt her hands
I would catch every disease just to hold on
It no longer mattered. Only she mattered.

Everything but my hand, a void
My body, space;
My hand, the earth;
Her fingers, the sun.

That hand taught me how to live.
Nothing past had mattered
The thing that mattered was this hands owner
Not even the voice that wanted to let go and run.

Following up her goose bumped arm
To a dress that made summer jealous,
Skin that beat fresh snow
And hair like autumn trees.

If mother earth was real
Her real plan was this girl
The sky was made to reflect of her eyes
Then bounce into my soul.

The only time the horde in my brain halted
And the fleet in my stomach retreated
To think the best medicine could be a human
She threw all the pills out the window

Pain killers came through kisses,
The psychotic moods gone with hugs,
Vocal novacane caught tears
And the only sickness was love

Now without her.
Its withdrawal of happiness
Human touch now words on a page
Love hidden under the bed.
I almost ran away one night.
I almost left
To find a man to dance with.
Someone who was a real stranger.
He would never say,
"I know you."
And he would hold me
And hold me
And hold me.
And for a second I would be frightened
Because he held me too tight,
But really, "What's the big deal?"
Because he would be a real stranger.
He would hold me.
Never would I hear,
"I know you, I know you."
And I would never have to say
In the
jungle of affairs
cheaters run the fastest.
The wind is left flustered.
Dears turn to prey when their
tales are painted in pane,
while the hungry eyes peak
Pieces of hearts shaped
by the bleeding vane,
breed dismay.
There, the blind ******
scene on the road to heal again!
broken Hearts and healing souls sometimes the healing souls are the heartbreakers
# double entendre # triple entendre
 Apr 2015 Tommy Johnson
Scraped till bled, alive after they have her dead
To be left alone, she dreams of silence
At the foot of the lunatic's hill
With the mangy beasts of the wild
Which won't let you live they tell her.
They tell her their many many stories
With conclusions and morals
As she looks up at the ravens in the sky.
Isn't she?
'Leave me where the air smells of rain, with silence hung in the air.
Leave me there and forget I exist.'
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