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Oct 2015
Betrayal on both accounts
We are pent up aggression  with no where to go
Look at what we've done not what we haven't
It was all a shot in the dark
Acceptance and a fresh start was the mark
We are all in remission
Have no idea if we got it in us

I can't make out the message
To you truths are nothing but your lies are so precious
But it's our credibility being questioned
Put on an act for moments at a time
Clenched fists and gritted teeth
Tired eyes look at them then in the mirror and fill with tears

Wish my therapist and I were attached at the hip because I can't go it alone
Is this all my own doing or is it done onto me?
My chest is collapsing from my icy shattered heart
I'm in way too deep
We're solving a mystery but haven't a clue
And have no idea what we're made of

       -Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson
Written by
Tommy Johnson  New Jersey
(New Jersey)   
   Cecil Miller
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