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tiaamaariaa Dec 2015
I turn and all I see are shadows
Shadows of people
Shadows of monsters
Shadows of things I don't want to see
It hurts
They are coming
They are creeping up
They are clawing to get onto me
Into my head
They are trying to destroy me
I know what they want
They want to hurt me
They want to see me suffer
These shadows are vicious
They have a mind of their own
I look forward
Close my eyes and whisper to myself
"They can't destroy me. They can't hurt me. They can't see me suffer. Because I've already destroyed myself."
haven't wrote in a long time. I kind of rambled on. Not even sure what I was trying to say.
tiaamaariaa Jul 2015
I'm drifting from everything around me
I wish I could hold onto something
Hold onto a smile , a look, a hand
But all I see are backs
Walking away and I get farther and farther
They keep turning to peek at how far I am
And mouth to me "try harder"
But it doesn't help
I'm drifting away
And no one cares enough to help
To pull me back to reality
tiaamaariaa Jun 2015
Here's to the kids who are hurting right now
Who cry themselves to sleep
And hide under the blankets so their parents don't hear them weep
Here's to the kids who's dreams have been crushed
Who have such high goals
And have been shut down by evil souls
Here's to the kids who try their hardest everyday
Who are motivated and strong
And get told their futures won't be that long
Here's to the kids who put on a smile
Who always look at the bright side
And get put into the dark to hide
Here's to kids who are scared for tomorrow
Who are confused about their life
And turn to a knife
Everything will be okay
Don't listen to other's put downs
Stay strong
Not sure what I was trying to get at
tiaamaariaa Apr 2015
Sometimes in life you need that one individual
Who will make you laugh and catch you when you fall
It will seem like it's a miracle
Because they will be able to heal all
This one individual will become your light
You'll rely on it for everything
In your eyes, they'll be so bright
But for others it might sting
You'll share a love that's like no other
Creating beautiful moments
That you will cherish forever
Many people may despise the sparks you're creating
Or not understand
But just ignore all the hating
Because you'll have each other's hand
Sometimes in life you need a little love
To keep you going through the day
Just wait on that one person
Things will eventually be okay
Kind of rambling.. I don't know if it makes sense
tiaamaariaa Apr 2015
You are my world
You are the clear sky and flowing clouds
You are the loud thunder and pouring rain
You are the growing flowers and flying birds
You are the dying trees and broken branches
You are the breathtaking sunrises and beautiful sunsets
You are the dry deserts and stormy seas
You are everything around me
You are my world
tiaamaariaa Apr 2015
sometimes it comes crawling back
Into my mind
Taking over everything I have
there's nothing I can do
I fall into this hole
Filled with darkness and confusion
Feeling so lost
and all I know to do is cry
didn't really know what I was trying to get at tbh
tiaamaariaa Mar 2015
What is it like to feel like your whole life is a dream?
What is it like to not feel anything?
What is like to think your family and friends aren't real?
It feels like everything has been ****** away from you
It feels like you have no control over anything anymore
It feels like  nothing exists.
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