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i don't know
if i love you
as a man,
as a brother,
as a friend,
or as a human being
but i love you,
isn't that enough?

i don't know
if this love is
or even tragic
but i love you
and that's what matters.
 Mar 22 The Red Woman
Let's love each other like children
lazing on the couch, raiding the kitchen
Eggos and Saturday morning cartoons
Don't need a marriage or a honeymoon

Cherry blow pops and dollar stores
playing with plastic dinosaurs
Cause we're of a different breed
This platonic love is all we need
By: Gretchen
 Mar 22 The Red Woman
i tried to find
a song
a poem
a piece of art
something, anything
that felt like
or sounded like

i looked
and searched
and wondered
yet no matter what
i tried
there was nothing
that came close

for you
my platonic soulmate
are one of a kind
a light in the dark
warm, soft
kind, loving
a best friend

i couldn't find anything
nothing is like you
Writing has always been a fickle friend to me;
Sometimes the only thing standing between me and a masterpiece
Is the mood to write.
 Dec 2019 The Red Woman
i spend my lonely nights
on my knees, head craned to the sky

begging God why
i have to pay for everyone else's sins,

or maybe its me paying for all the things i never did
i love how when i explicitly pray for a little light, i get shrouded in dark
If i were a flower
I think i would be a dandelion
Only the little call me a flower
The rest a ****
Someone only a few like
Someone who's ego is far to wide
I may wear yellow
But people know the real me
Not even the seed looks worse than me
We all have the time to pick a flower
But only by the young
Will i be picked
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