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Boygene Borice Apr 2018
If I was to live again,
I would desire to build my mansion,
In your heart, deep within,
And dwell there with you forever.

I would spend each of my days,
Guarding our love with all mighty,
That no third party would intervene,
Nor interfere with our foundation.

I would spend each minute by your side,
Wipe every tear that falls from your eyes,
Kiss every pain from your heart,
heal every wound in your soul.

I will adore you with my heart,
Honor you with my life,
Revere you with my affection,
For you are my heart.

But my Love...
I cant live again,
My life is no more,
Only death awaits me with joy.

If I was to live again,
I would always be there for you.
When you have time to love, always love
Boygene Borice Apr 2018
That day, when I saw you with him,
Touching his lips in ecstasy,
I couldn't say a word but walk away,
I couldn't watch you betray our love.

I may not have known your passions,
I may not have fulfilled your desires,
I may not have dug deep int your heart,
But my heart was overflowing with your love.

How I wish I could tell you,
I was already dead to myself,
just to live for you
Boygene Borice Apr 2018
I chose you...
Not because you are very beautiful,
But your virtues are a perfect,
Revelation of a Proverbs 31 woman.

I chose you...
Not because you are very perfect,
But still in your imperfections,
You remain transparent in your doing.

I chose you...
Not because you are much learned,
But you treasure Godly knowledge,
With much integrity and intensity.

I chose you...
Not because you are much talented,
But the devotion with which you love,
I cant find one to compare to thee.

I chose you...
Not because you are from royal family,
But your ways are adorned with humility,
Always thinking of yourself less.

I chose you...
Not because of your much strength,
But the loyalty of your heart to me,
Has always been my closest pillar.

I chose you...
To love you,
To cherish you,
Becuase you are YOU

— The End —