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Wish every morning
I wake up to the view of the river so deep
& valley serene
A place of quiet and evergreen trees

Wildflowers grow, not in a row

The spotted deer comes to slake its thirst

The Rainbow feathered birds, eat berries and greet  

The song of the river, birds and the bees
A melody sweet
The river of joy, the river of peace

The view of the river
A place
I wish to wake up to  every morning
Just a beautiful dream
 Dec 2019 Terry Jordan
 Dec 2019 Terry Jordan
Today my friend told me
I was acting strange
I gave her the
of a sugar high
But really,
I was just being
She takes the stand
With the voice of millions on her back
And speaks the fact that we all know,
far too well to be true -                  
                                           Me too.

She is heard but not believed,
She is heard with faith deceived .

When will it be enough -
Is one in six not enough ?
Is one sister, one friend
still - not enough?

one colleague, one mother, one wife, one lover -
one teacher, one doctor, one preacher, one author -
one husband, one son, one brother.
Which one will it take, to stop
the non-consensual clock
and make us realise that -

Time. Is. Up.
 Dec 2019 Terry Jordan
plunging into despair
the grip weakens me
from the inside
all hope
i've gathered
with pokes
of insecurity
and thoughts
of helplessness
the height i've gained
is slowly being pulled
into a slouching mass
of indescribable

i fight

but the continued losses
brings in me
an indescribable
 Dec 2019 Terry Jordan
Eric Pratt
I carved her name upon the dawn
So every morning might be with her
But as it rose It grew too bright
And closed my eyes
Yet still I saw her there

I carved her name upon the sky
To keep her near me every day
But nightfall came and cleared the light
And all was dark
Yet still I saw her there

I carved her name upon the moon
To stare at her throughout my nights
But tired eyes are sneaky foes
And sleep prevailed
Yet still I saw her there

I carved her name upon my soul
Love not just with me when I look
But every day and every night
And in my heart
Yet still I saw her there
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