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I long to move away.
From the fighting and the noise,
From the never ending mess,
Of clothes and dishes.
From responsibility and and rules
That restrict my life.

I long to move away.
From the sly stares and the snide comments,
Of the ones who are out to destroy.

I long to move away.
From their skeptical glances
And negative language
Which drives me insane .

I long to move away.
From the mirror;
From the tired eyes that judge me more than any others.
From the stranger that continues to stare back.

I long to move away.
 Apr 2013 Taylor Stein
Paul C
Hope is like the air inside a balloon;
You only lose it
when you chose to let go.
 Apr 2013 Taylor Stein
Paul C
Hope I
 Apr 2013 Taylor Stein
Paul C
Hope is like the air inside a balloon.
Just because you can't see it
doesn't mean it isn't there.
I do not speak of years to come,
I rarely speak of days.
I do not know
What tomorrow holds,
But let it come,
Come what may.

And should it hide
It's weary head,
And if, my friend,
My years should end,
My secrets are yours to hide,
When I am dead.
 Jan 2013 Taylor Stein
a jones
Candle lit .
Headphones in.
Thinking of you .
Wishing uwere next to me
Watching the glow flicker on ur smooth skin.

Tonight I'm missing my best friend.
Build a wall, but not too high.
One that cannot touch the sky.

For then the rain can never reach
all that its drops are meant to teach.

Build a wall, but not too strong.
One that can help you along.

A wall that never will prevent
the beautiful and pure ascent.

Build a wall, but not to wide.
So you can still allow inside

a little pain, a little love
from down below and up above.

Build a wall but let it known
this wall is not made out of stone

The cement's made of hope and fear
and anything that might appear.
A pretty girl smiled at me yesterday
and I thought of nothing cool to say.

So loneliness is the price I'll pay
because I just let her slip away.
 Dec 2012 Taylor Stein
I got a second chance with you
such pure felt love and joy
To live again your fathers youth
Through you my darling boy

Your blondie curls cascading down
Your big eyes piercing blue
Your little waddle when you run
Your daddy did that too

Your laugh is so infectious
Your smile, your toothy grin
Your little nose that wrinkles up
The dimple on your chin

The words you say too big for you
Yes, your daddy did that too
Although like him in many ways
Not the only reason why
I think your perfect, gorgeous, handsome
Little baby boy!
 Dec 2012 Taylor Stein
she thought that when she closed her eyes the world would be better
she thought that good would fill the bad
that happiness would fill the sad
she thought that the world would glow with smiles

she thought that if she closed her eyes the hurt would be sweet
she thought that the beatings wouldn't bruise
that the names wouldn't sting
she thought that her lids would shield her from pain

she thought that imagination could overcome reality
she thought that if she told herself everything would be okay, it would
but her eyelids didn't shield her
and her words didn't heal her

and the world remained untouched
and the beatings still bruised up
and for the first time she saw
the ring of fire encircling us all
Don't be discreet
Be my equal
sing like the winged ones
toward frightened woes

There we were
(posed in the right).

We are no longer
(shrouded in discontent).

vignettes of our past
still crowd thoughts,
like kids in
concert halls.
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