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Taylor Stein Mar 2015
I feel the pain too brother
In my bones, I feel it as you fall
Lash for lash and scar for scar
My head smashes down the stone steps
Crash for crash and drop of blood for drop of blood

But what runs between us, brother
Is more than those red splatters on the filthy ground
For you, time and time again
Have proved water is in fact thicker than blood
And bonds chosen closer than those of flesh

Water carries your pain to me, brother
Lost joy from palaces of princesses
And despair from dungeons of ******
New scars from those thought to be friends
And wounds from laughter of enemies

I hope when we and not just you brother, bear the load
Your bleeding stops a little sooner
Water cleaning and cleansing the wounds
I hope weight shouldered together
Will fight back stronger against all that is destroying you

And we, lash for lash and blow for blow
Will fall twice on the murderous brows against you
Bound by water, our mighty weapon
For when you fall, we fall together
Because you've taught me brother when I fall, you will too.
Taylor Stein Nov 2014
You know
I'm not quite sure
About the love of princesses
Satin gowns and evening *****

I've dreamed of it all for so long
I'm not sure I believe it anymore
Because all I found in the arms of a woman
Is hurt, heartache, and sorrow

But I have found the love of a brother
Is richer than a thousand kings
The arm of a friend
Stronger than a thousand warriors

It seems so strange
For we chase and we chase
Happy endings, summer love, and romantic kisses
And value love above all other ends

And love is higher
It overcomes all
Gives strength like no other
And is in itself an end

But what I am starting to believe
Beginning to find
Is we are wrong
About what kind of love we really, truly need.
Taylor Stein Nov 2014
I am looking for greatest love
Longing for true home, rest
Searching on and on for peace of heart

I want to find myself covered, sheltered
No longer exposed and vulnerable
But finding that my weeping has passed on

Joy, no longer a mere cover for sorrow
But an unfurling expression
Of who I am, what I have become.
Taylor Stein Nov 2014
The beast tore through the forest
His breath running ragged
He had been running for days upon days
Not even pausing for a drink

Suddenly the forest became thinner, the darkness less deep
He heard a thousand birds calling
Colonies of small rodents
And before him, a great river

He rushed to the banks
And drank deeply
He aches and pains eased
And he felt like he could catch his breath

When finally he quenched his massive thirst
He lifted his head
And beheld a sight so wonderful
He lost again the breathe he had just found

For on the other side
He saw a creature
So beautiful
It made his head spin

Then he mourned
For the river was deep and wide
And he knew not how to swim
Despite his strong body, and massive limbs

But he also knew
He had to reach her
Knowing no other way
He rushed into the river

He was ready to be tossed aside by the forceful current
But to his surprise, his feet still touched ground
Lying just under the surface
It was a miracle

The beast did not like the feeling of the riverbed
And if he shifted right or left, his feet dropped into deeper water
He could see small monsters he did not understand
Just under the surface of the water

But he pressed on
And somehow, he made it
And he rejoiced
For now his prize lay in his reach

Now he knew why he had been running
For so long
For though he had not know what he had been chasing after
All along, it had been her

He heart roared in contentment
His body came to life
He looked into her eyes deeply
And never looked away.
Taylor Stein Nov 2014
I used to think love was all in the dramatic
Life films made from memories found in the attic

But now I'm not so sure
And I'm hoping that means I'm just more mature

I don't want to lose the allure of love
But I also wanted to see it in reality, not just from above

Love can sometimes be screaming matches and passionate kisses
Running, hunting for each other like the church for Salem witches

But now I'm finding what I want most
Is quiet afternoons, long bike rides, and morning toast

For I've had enough drama to last a lifetime
And I haven't been on this earth for a long time.
Taylor Stein May 2013
I want to be your all
I want to save you now
I want to spare your life
From the dark

And someday
I want you to die, knowing
You had a long and full life
In my arms
And by my side

Will you open your life to me?
Will you let me into your secret space?
And break down your glass walls?

Know you cannot truly hide anyway

In our hearts we both know
There is not a chance you will not say no
For you were mine and I yours
A long, long time ago

Come home
Down the sacred path
It was made just for your feet
Let tears stream from your eyes
And finally, fully release the pain

Then I will find a way
To make all right, to light your soul.

Taylor Stein Apr 2013
The laughter of a friend is sweeter than the purest sugar
The comfort of brother cannot be measured in price

I have fallen in love with those around me
I never saw it coming
Not the love of secret whispers or stolen kisses
But love all the same

I want to fall in that other kind of love someday
With a woman who causes my heart to skip a beat
Every time she walks past

Before I find on myself bended knee
Or have to share my bed
Before my happy endings and ride off into the sunset
I want to fall in love everyday
With everything

I want to fall in love with the way the morning sun hits the trees
Every morning on the way to my busy life.

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