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Topher Green Apr 2017
not just the beat and beating of my heart
but the mind that necessitates the rhythm--
the notion that begs to be spoken are often
the most complacent
  Jan 2017 Topher Green
Joshua Dougan
Hello Baby Girl, welcome to this crazy situation.
This world of opportunity and lazy Lamentations.
Don't worry though my daughter, we will be alright.
Cause we're not to falter, we always see what's right.
Your family loves you, they won't leave you be.
But trust me at the end of the day it will be you and me.
Cause I'm your daddy and your my blessed beauty.
And the love I feel for you really says it truly.
Bringing you into this world of so much pressure,
Me and your mom decided to call you Esther.
Your middle is Marie, and your last takes after me.
But trust me you will always be my Georgia Peach.
My daughter was born last night. 6lbs7oz 19in long at 8:10pm. Esther Marie is poised to make us a very proud family. We love her and are very happy to have finally met her.
Topher Green Sep 2013
Shamed to say--
Our eyes were transfixed--
a pig-tailed harlot in ******* gesture--
Our paradigm a construct of discontent and distraction,
a mockery.
All the while our minds made up--
The chemical ghost kept in its grave--
claims translucent as the agenda itself.
Shamed to say--
The audience engrossed with North West;
The East, a precarious little flame meandering on the sidelines
of a nightmare we haunt whole.
What will it take to break our gaze?
How much longer will we suffer scrutiny?
Take the helm and steer towards an effort for thought,
or remain in forlorn ignorance, remain
a mockery.
For destitute America
Topher Green Apr 2013
Amber streaks of sun
filling up the country skies
And all around,
a buzz
a bark for the singing summer.
Topher Green Apr 2013
With each passing day we grow.
In the garden my fingers graze the blades of grass
then down your face; stopping to tease a dimple.
You are fastidious as I, in turn, am a static stone.
Yet we hold each other in place,
like an anchor that has found it's way.
Even in the garden we cannot stop the clock.
And isn't that every one's wish?
To remain in time immemorial?
When He arrives time quickens
and we wish even greater to slow it's pace,
but for other reasons, better reasons.
The tyranny of time, how it's never in our favor;
or quite the contrary.
And in the garden we watch Him grow with the grass;
for we are no longer up in arms with time.
Topher Green Apr 2013
A day to remember. I saw you in so many lights,
So many ways.
You found me, in the dark, deep place;
now made brighter.
I love you, I love you,
a shore right beside her.
Again we begin,
as a safe place, a warm rain,
a tender blow, caught up in The Rapture.
Topher Green Nov 2011
bereft and struck, yet
brief in exile
the gatherers made
a day of the whole affair.

through standing afar
ghastly, conscious,
risen things gawked
as fixed upon; pigeons.

the eat your heart out feeling
swallows the gatherers whole
a breath of an opinion heard;

forget nothing but fallacy!
democracy of the estranged
fluctuating feelings for your
Father Dear.
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