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tanner Jan 2015
when the weather changes
so do the people.
in spring
people are bright
and fresh
and sweet.
in summer
people are warm
and humble
and memorable.
in fall
people are colorful
and changing
and fleeting.
oh but winter
people are cold
and icy
and lonely.
i cannot wait for winter to end
inside me
and inside you.
tanner Dec 2014
when i was a little kid i started drowing
my cousin saved me before it was too late
every since then
i thought when i was drowing someone would save me
but no one has ever since
tanner Jul 2014
she looked at his soft eyes. he held so much sadness in them. she only knew bits and pieces. he always would avoid the topic, changing the subject to her. "i want to hear your story. the real, honest to god truth." with shaking hands and tear filled eyes he told her his story. she held his hands, and wiped his tears. no one is whole, but that doesn't mean we can't help people fix themselves.
tanner Apr 2014
it started so innocently.
you sat beside me.
and the touching of our bodies started a fire.
as the night you kissed me.
shivers went down my spine.
but you left me cold
and realizing i loved you.
tanner Jan 2014
my head is clogged with thoughts of
your touches
your lips
your heart beat
your voice
your silhouette
your stare
your laugh
tanner Jan 2014
i want to be the bruises
in between your thighs
on your arm
placed on your stomach
so you'll remember me
everytime you see me
touch me

— The End —