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 Dec 2014 Tamurray

Chauncey was a gardener
At least that’s what was said
His roses were his masterpiece
A perfect shade of red
Petals always perfect
Satin was their feel
Appearing artificial
Though every one was real
Every day he tended
The weeds he’d bend and pick
His plants they stood so straight and tall
Aided by a stick
Bound with fabric wire
Green about the stem
He would gaze for hours
He was so proud of them
Surrounded by such beauty
Still something was amiss
He loved his precious flowers
On a wondrous day like this
But in his heart was lacking
The affection he required
He was a lonely gardener
Now growing in desire
Until the fateful morning
When up his path she walked
Captured by her smile
He could hardly talk
A very special woman
Had come into his life
He was very certain
He’d make this girl his wife
His heart was filled with happiness
Beneath the skies above
For Chauncey was a gardener
And Chauncey was in love
Her beauty was so precious
From her head down to her toes
When he looked into her eyes
He saw the perfect rose
Every day was special
In all that they would do
She told him that she loved him
He said, “I love you too.”
His heart was steady beating
His smile grew so wide
As if a wondrous garden
Was blooming deep inside
The fragrance overwhelming
The colors bright and new
He found it hard believing
That all of this was true
There was one little problem
They lived so far apart
The missing, it was growing
Tearing at her heart
She promised she would love him
Until her dying day
But it was getting harder
He lived so far away
Then he received a letter
From the one he did adore
She told him she was sorry
But she needed so much more
He pleaded “reconsider”
He loved her oh so much
She said that she believed him
But missed his loving touch
Dark clouds started forming
So black upon the sky
He found that he was all alone
His garden it had died
He looked on wilted blossoms
Fading quick to brown
Nothing much was beautiful
Growing from the ground
Weeds as tall as buildings
Thorns to rip his skin
He locked up tight the garden gate
He’d never tend again
He sat beneath an oak tree
For months it seemed to be
When sprouting from the soil
A spot of green to see
He watched as it was growing
It seemed to call his name
It wrapped around his ankles
Out in the pouring rain
When a shadow formed behind him
The sun began to glow
A figure was approaching
Someone he did know
Closer it was moving
There before his eyes
The plant that wrapped around him
He suddenly realized
She had come to find him
Her heart broken in two
She told him that she loved him
He said, “I love you too”
She said that she was sorry
But she was just afraid
Fear of getting hurt again
The decisions she had made
He promised he would love her
Forever and a day
She did not need to worry
He would not go away
He wants to only love her
And make her life complete
Her love was oh so perfect
His lonely heart did meet
And then just like a miracle
Because his love she’d chose
Out there in his garden
Bloomed a perfect rose
Sparrows started singing
The skies a lovely blue
He told her that he loved her
She said, “I love you too”
 Dec 2014 Tamurray
 Dec 2014 Tamurray
i have forgotten how to be myself, as if once when i was walking in a dream i forgot to wake my soul up. maybe it’s curled up sleeping in some far spiral of my fingerprints.
my friend tells me she can’t figure me out. she says the attic light is still flickering but the rest of the house looks dark. she says if you stare too hard at my eyes, you can see a noose up on the roof beam. she says i am standing on a stool, trying to decide if my life is worth taking.
i don’t know how to control myself. i lie awake at night wondering why i did things that make me cringe as soon as they happen. i lie awake asking myself how hard it would be to be normal. i tell myself that tomorrow, i will be perfect. i won’t laugh too loud, i won’t be a burden, i won’t speak unless i have to.
i spend so much time worrying about being perfect that i never get it right.
 Dec 2014 Tamurray
He came everyday to see her 
As her life slowly withers
She mount every will to endure the pain
With him standing to catch her faint
There's no way she can submit to fear
Frail like a snail slowly reaching the end
He didn't give up, he knew she'll get better

He loved her through her 
misery and pain. Even though 
she was fading out into the black 
and grey. He promised to kiss her 
and stay. With his shining light he 
let her demons come out and play 
and managed to stop the sad songs 
that were stuck on in her head every 
single day. Hand in hand he walked 
with her out of the dark while he tore 
the shadows that used to follow her apart. 
Kissing her under the night sky claiming 
that he was love drunk. Turning her lips 
to crushed cranberry red. “You’ll get better 
I promise” he said.

She kept thinking what if she dies
And he finds another soul
She hated that thought
But she rendered to the cold
She knew deep inside
She's not getting  better
Her life filching barely at its end
She smiled through pretense crescent
Deceiving like the moon gleaming
Fate fall through and disguised in surprise
Accidents love kissing loyal men
She survived and he died
She cries forever
Until she listens to his last voicemail
"Baby, I don't wanna say this. But I told you so.. you got well. I'm sorry I couldn't make it till the end, so please learn to love again."
Erenn in Italics
Carolin in Bold
Sometimes fate has its twist and accidents happen. But please learn to love again.
My first ever collab with Carolin!!
She's amazing and crazy talented!
Go read her amazing writes!
 Sep 2014 Tamurray
Welcome to our society!
Were you will be judged on your skin color, what you look like,  how you talk,  how you look, how you dress,  what kind of music you listen to, what kind of house/car you have, you body shape and size,  your talents,  and everything else.
Hope you enjoy your stay! !)
 Sep 2014 Tamurray
Mehma Kunwar
we reached the goal
Tightened the knot,
Sewed the hole
in the curtains
of life
And somehow
Hid the blot
that bothered
the people
But what about
the tiny spot
still seen
in the midst
of white.
the glimmer
of long-lit
that peeps
the slightly
hole of sin
the darkness
we shut
 Sep 2014 Tamurray
Mehma Kunwar
Lets travel to a land
where nobody knows which creed
I belong to
And which sect I possess
Where nobody knows my name
And people are less bias
Have one colour,
One faith which they cling to
Where to judge is to sin
And where nobody asks
who am I
what am I doing..
Do what you feel you should do, have pride, have confidence despite whatever this world says. If you think you can make a difference, I believe you can!
I woke to a knock at the door one day,
And stumbled, to put on my gown,
The place was a shambles, and last night’s tea
In cartons, was scattered around.
I hate people seeing the way I live,
They shouldn’t call round, it’s a *****,
But called out, ‘Who is it?’ and got the reply,
‘It’s me, it’s the upstairs witch.’

I had no idea she lived upstairs,
The apartments are all very small,
The slightest of noises will carry on through
The ceilings, and paper thin walls.
I opened the door in bemusement then
To see who was pulling my leg,
She wore every colour the rainbow sent,
Pushed past me, and said: ‘Call me Peg!’

I followed her into the wreck of my room,
And mumbled, ‘I know, it’s a mess.’
She shrugged, and she pointed my PC out,
‘I knew it was that, nothing less!
You sit and you type through the early hours
I hear all your whistles and bells,
Your tappity-tapping is driving me spare,
And worse, is confusing my spells.’

‘I have to compose when the mood is high,
And that is from midnight and on.’
‘And I only spell when the Moon is nigh,
I can’t til the sun has gone.’
We stared at each other with little grace,
Both grim, with a certain intent,
She wouldn’t be giving an inch to me,
I murmured I wouldn’t relent.

‘We’ll have to come up with a compromise,
I’ll help you, if that helps myself,
I’ll spell in your program a silence key,
And you’ll be at peace with yourself.’
‘But what am I getting from you in return,
This sounds like it’s going one way…’
‘I’ll bring all your stories to life,’ she said,
‘In colour, and one for each day.’

‘I’ve written so many, you’ll never keep up,
I’ll need to go back through my files.’
‘Just open the drawer of your cabinet,
And I’ll carry you there, for a while.
I’ve seen all your stuff on the Internet,
Your devils and demons and ghouls,
I haven’t a clue what you think you will do
In a garden, with so many fools.’

She sits in her garret and plays with her spells,
I type without making a sound,
I open the drawer and I walk on the shore
Or hear bells from the church in the town.
I follow each lady I’ve written in verse
And make love when I’m feeling the itch,
They all wear the colours of rainbows at first,
And they look like the upstairs witch!

David Lewis Paget
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