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Jan Harak Jan 2015
******* The Wing

She helps selfishly, she gives everything,
even to those who don't give back,
even to those who have nothing left,
even to strangers like me.

She cares about everybody,
even about people that hurt her,
even about people that don't know her,
even starving kids in Africa she loves like closest friends.

She is such a talented writer as well!
Her poems are emails of heart,
such emotions in rhythm and rhymes.
I wonder how she could be so awesome.

She is a God's gift,
most beautiful object in the universe,
she is an angel on earth,
and this is no praise - just stating the facts.
I have to buy you a bagel with cream cheese or any other delicacy, when I finally get to US.

...and if you guys wonder what she was doing today, she was handing sandwiches to homeless people! You can't be more awesome!
Rex Forté Jan 2015
WickedHope and elsa angelica amd Hanna Ventura
Seriously. And, like, a bunch of other people who I'm too lazy to name. xD…Like Ember and Mandy amd thunderstorm
V Anna Jan 2015
I fell in love with your proses
Your words never failed to enlighten everyone
You picked up every single one who needs help the most
They wanted to die,
But you keep on scolding with love
I never thought I could fall in love with someone here
Your passion for words
Your passion for peace
Is so alluringly attractive
Like a magnet you pulled me into your gravity
For the first time I'm actually scared to talk to a guy
But we did talked and now I'm still hungover.
You got me hypnotised by your kindness
Your relentless flame to help those who wanted to end
You with your pen, sparks of love fervent
Your neverending collabs, you will never say no.
If only you would ask me
And maybe we could be
Partners for life.
Guess who he is;)
He's always open to everything and always giving motivation to everyone here who need it. Love his writes and love him!

Ember Evanescent Jan 2015
Spencer Craig
He is a really cool guy with an awesome sense of humor and serious poetry skills. He is a really great person and is very clever and kind. Also, he has good taste in music and is awesome at puns lol! Plus he likes Emma Watson, which automatically proves he knows what quality people are :P additionally, he plays the tuba. That's musical talent, right there. :D I could go on and on just check out his work people. He is awesome.
thommya Jan 2015
her, him, anyone who believes they're not, yet hasn't any idea!
Creep Jan 2015
Kiyuki Ishida.
Hes like the best. Very close friend of mine, and I love him to bits ^^ he's so kind and caring, loving and supportive. Idk what I'd be without him ^^
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