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Scott Veinland Apr 2014
Looking at the clock, I struggle

Despair floating like an eye floaty thing
Get the hell out of here

Like cheese, I age, the more so the more I smell like a ****** old guy like ******* quit buying clothes from Dillard's

Like an onion, I make people cry because my face resembles a donkey getting ***** by an eagle that's ice skating and juggling

All at the same time.

Stuck in my socioeconomic class
My mom is getting harassed
My brain cells are getting grassed

I hate communists.
Scott Veinland Apr 2014
Right now

I am in a library with my English class


Hiding from my teacher


A worm

Hiding from an eagle

But what is my life to a worm's?

Worms enjoy call of duty just as much as any other American

Swaguespack counterattack my girl is black
Scott Veinland Apr 2014

Such a simple thing
But so complicated

Does it add weight?
Or take it?

Sort of like bacteria
Is it good for us?
or bad?

— The End —