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Ambika Jois Nov 2015
I wake up with a headache
I knew I shouldn't have stayed up so late
'twas so foolish to hope that I'd understand your game

I know what I gotta do
Too lazy to get outta bed for you
And gulp it down with a glass of water to ease this pain

I see now what I saw before
I didn't know what it was for sure
Till it worked just like paracetamol

I woke up
There it was
Once that killed
Without a cause

Those dreams that turned into nightmares
Those arms that gave away time shares
Feels like history since the last time I needed help but still

There's life waiting to be celebrated
It's no longer so complicated
Thanks to my prayers from the day I wanted more from life

And for the small white pill
This poem is my vision for the common day to arrive whereby Cancer can be treated with a small white pill, that can be taken just like any other painkiller. We have lost many valuable lives out of no fault of their own as a result of Cancer. The world misses them, and I miss them too. Here's a toast to all the hard working scientists and people who are dedicating their lives to find a cure for this nasty beast.
r0b0t Jul 2014
Have you been
sleeping in my bed
Have you been
sleeping in my bed
because I found
the traces
of your skin
the traces of your skin
Have you been sleeping in my head
because I found
the traces of your thoughts
trailing through my skull
with a warrant for my sanity
crushing my soul
with a warrant for my sanity
on a one man police force
trying to stop me
from breaking through your skin
and injecting myself
an IV of pain and amphetamine
muscle relaxers and a single tiny
white pill
to break through your thoughts
and find my place
to settle down
and sleep.
This might be more song than poem. I don't know. It seems like its been forever since she left. It hasn't even been two weeks.

— The End —