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See the ranting of the man,
I think he's angry to Pan.

He finds it's hard to see in the wind,
Overshadowed by the fearsome rind.

He never falls to sleep
Villagers think he is blind.
He never walks with flock
Dragon knock, wolves mock

He'd like to listen to one crake.
All night wait for her to be awake.
When she starts singing her song
He realizes how to stop the chimera

She's his painkiller, painkiller
He doesn't need any filler
Now his heart has a thriller
He no longer wants to be a killer.

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
chimera: it is a mythological creature which
is a combination of lion, goat, and snake.
You can check out my other poetries from this link.

My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Have a good day/night !   - E
I don't want to be just a happy pill

or something that gives you euphoria

love is more than smiles and ***

the older you get the painful it is to know

So let me be the painkiller to every battle scar you have

The nicotine to your cigarette as it embraces your lungs more than I can

In a way where love can always be found
we need pain in order to know we are alive
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
When I feel pain
I just wish to know
Whose painkiller works?
Beyond anything

Nothing more.
Genre: Abstract
Major Rity Jan 2017
I'm so over thinking
got pain in the brain  
still refusing the pill
the doc does recommend to think now and then
but is not a big fan of over thinking again and again and
I say keep your advice - re
calibrate that device
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
I wake up with a headache
I knew I shouldn't have stayed up so late
'twas so foolish to hope that I'd understand your game

I know what I gotta do
Too lazy to get outta bed for you
And gulp it down with a glass of water to ease this pain

I see now what I saw before
I didn't know what it was for sure
Till it worked just like paracetamol

I woke up
There it was
Once that killed
Without a cause

Those dreams that turned into nightmares
Those arms that gave away time shares
Feels like history since the last time I needed help but still

There's life waiting to be celebrated
It's no longer so complicated
Thanks to my prayers from the day I wanted more from life

And for the small white pill
This poem is my vision for the common day to arrive whereby Cancer can be treated with a small white pill, that can be taken just like any other painkiller. We have lost many valuable lives out of no fault of their own as a result of Cancer. The world misses them, and I miss them too. Here's a toast to all the hard working scientists and people who are dedicating their lives to find a cure for this nasty beast.
M Oct 2015
She took a Motrin
And she immediately dissolved
Because all she had was pain
Amber K Apr 2015
He'd breathe in the smoke,
when he was in pain.
I wanted to be there,
but I couldn't be.

I was pushed away.
Far from his secrets.
He dug deeper and deeper,
to hide the worst from me.

I refused to give up on him.
I wouldn't allow his lungs to fill with smoke,
or his mind to fill with guilt,
or his heart to feel alone.

So I gave him my all,
to show him the feelings were real.
I showed him I wasn't going anywhere.
I was there to stay.

He no longer suffocates in the smoke,
or looks for other ways of release.
I am his personal painkiller,
for as long as he needs me.
Xyns Apr 2015
You numb me
You soothe me

Like Xanax

I don't need meds with you
You're my own Mary Jane

I want you to be my ******
Take me so much higher

I know this isn't love
But, baby, you're my drug

Take the load off my shoulders
You're like a drug, I'm not sober
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