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Le Beau Oct 2019
Listen for my heart beat & tell me if u hear it, its got a rhythm of it's own & when I see u it beats quicker. I know your calling me as I draw near I send a prayer too the sky without a word spoken holding u with my eyes ******* u with my mind. I'm skeptical of everyone besides u your exceptional I put u on a pedestal something I'm not supposed too only if they knew me like u do. Make it juicy for me I'll keep u ******* back that *** on me & **** me back ***** tight as a clench took u from his arms & put u where your supposed too only in your warm comforting embrace am I safe. We are poetry.
Alessander Jul 2018
I'll probably wake up sobbing again tomorrow
Don't mind my drunken confessions
I have the tolerance of a gnat
But the emotional girth of an elephant
Weighing my light body down
That's my tragedy I suppose
If I were to be dramatic
Though drama emits catharsis
Drama is meaning and beauty - creation
In short: not me
In other words
I'm love sick
Sick for it
Sick with it
Sick in its absence
Just straight fuckn sick
Don't mind my vulgarity
It is what one uses
When convention fails
Expletives are the outcasts in language
They wear leather and smoke all night
While the rest of the dictionary
Sleep, pay taxes, and attend PTA meetings
Profane words are death row inmates
Offering their final translucent confessions
Stripped of pomp or rhetoric
****. Mierde. Hijo de la puta madre.
There I go again
It's late and I'm on my third drink
And am becoming vaguely beautiful
In spite of the tarantula
Crawling inside me, through me
Its prickly legs sprawling
Its ugliness spreading
Until I feel like clawing
Clawing at my breast
To get it out
Get it out!
Anyhow, I'll let you sleep
it's fine, really
Come morning I will sob on my stoli-scented pillows
While others yawn and smack their alarm clocks...
R Nov 2017
You dim-witted, half-assed ****.
Every moment that I think about you my gut turns
as my very organs reject the fact that you exist.
You disgust me on a cellular level. The fact that
you breathe the same airspace as me is an insult
to society.

You worthless, two-timing *******.
You think I give a **** about your
******* philosophy that you carry on your sleeve?
You are a sentient pile of slime dirtying the floors
that people have worked so hard in cleaning.

Effort has gone into you,
that could have gone to someone else.
Love has gone into you,
best appreciated by others.
Your friendships mean nothing.
You are a friendless non-entity.

You mouth-breathing *******,
I hope you come to realize how much you've wasted your life.
How much you've wasted your hopes and dreams.
How much you were your own obstacle.
How much you could have been
if you had overcome yourself.

I hope I never have to see, your hideous
little face
ever again.

I could comfortably burn in hell knowing that you're furthest away from me
******* on the Lord's **** while shamefully knowing
you did nothing to deserve it.

Go **** yourself.
cv Jul 2017
and you dare stand up from the sheets where our body fluids have mixed and dried, wordlessly dressing yourself up and leaving the echo of the door closing in your wake and just you ******* wait i'm going to lace your tea with poison, and oh, isn't it just unfortunate that your house has this terribly long staircase and your wife just always had to wear frighteningly high heels?

but then again, you'd like that, wouldn't you? you at my mercy just like a few hours ago when i pinned your wrists above your head and your pelvis under the curve of my ****, painfully teasing you with the slow drag of my hips, impaling myself on you, raising myself up so so slowly until only the head of your **** catches on the lips of my entrance and i slam myself back on you, as you gasp and gasp and gasp, begging for release, for mercy, like the pathetic lover you are with your cries spurring me on, the trembles of your body betraying you, betraying your wife, but never betraying me because you know, ******* you, you know, deep inside, that you are mine—you are mine and i will never let you go
unapologetic ****** ****
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Words surge
Vulgarity stutters
What's that again?
OH!! You shuttered

Shut down voices
Disagree in thought
Stop in your tracks
Facts are not sought

Facebook, Twitter
Social media sites
Opinions are all quenched
Control is such a might

The Storm is coming
So I was told
Stand up strong
Always be bold
was banned from a site and a Facebook link because I voiced my opinion and questioned their facts, when my opinion didn't agree with the author's view, they cussed me out and name called me then they banned me without allowing me to rebuke what they posted about me

— The End —