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Sad Boy Jul 2018
My loneliness is killing me
And like Britney sang; I still believe
But I lose my mind when I’m with you
And think clearly without you
But I’m not waiting for a sign
Because I still have bruises from when you hit me... baby one more time
... Baby One More Time (1998) by Britney Spears
book mania Aug 2015
I told myself not to fall back into you're arms
that you were out to get me
even though you were the only person I had
I told myself that your words were lies
that you were just lying to me
I told myself not to get to comfortable
because it will all be gone soon
I told myself not to fall in love with  you
because you are sick and insane
But I guess I loved it like the cigarettes I smoke
you were my drug
that kept me so high
for so long.
Ahs, Violet's point of view to Tate. Ya I know, i'm a fangirl :/

— The End —