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MaleXcore Sep 2015
A love like tate and violet
Tragic but beautiful
Ever untouchable but non lasting
I once thought I wanted a love like this
But I want a love that's ever lasting
Tragedy is beautiful
But I would rather die
in the arms of someone faithful
So why have a love like tate and violet
When you too can create a beautiful love
Full of tragedy but that's ever lasting
book mania Aug 2015
I told myself not to fall back into you're arms
that you were out to get me
even though you were the only person I had
I told myself that your words were lies
that you were just lying to me
I told myself not to get to comfortable
because it will all be gone soon
I told myself not to fall in love with  you
because you are sick and insane
But I guess I loved it like the cigarettes I smoke
you were my drug
that kept me so high
for so long.
Ahs, Violet's point of view to Tate. Ya I know, i'm a fangirl :/
Nebulous and Refined**

The castle is a chain-smoker.
The king wears a three piece suit.
And in the air, most everywhere
that scent just does not dilute.
A car lot filled with scribes and serfs
that assemble to deliver their willing tax.
They bump and argue for the closest view
of their Man-God on high: Glycine max.
Employment is down! Crime is up!
What if the factories all move away?
This town will surely shrivel and die!
That's what the soiled townsfolk say.
They humbly bow to their master's whim
but behind him they say much more.
Another Dead Man found Stale Lee in the vents.
Carcinoma galore.
Part I of VI. A tale of my hometown.
A Gouedard Jun 2014
i was walking around
in the Tate
on the Thames Embankment
London that day
it was hot hot hot
the heat haze
above the river
like the sweat
that rose off my back
i saw you
all mixed up
with Picasso's
misplaced eyes
in Malaga blue
long necks,
curved limbs askew
morning balconies
the sculpture of a goat
made of a basket
***** ram
with a bicycle seat
we weren't allowed to ride
i kept thinking
of painted naked flesh
Velasquez, Degas, Matisse
and flying to Malaga,
Barcelona, Granada,
Paris, Venice, New York
all the cities we could **** in
over and over and over
if we ran off
together right then
any cheap hotel room
with a bed
and a shower
would do
we could give up
on looking at art
by life

— The End —